First Father’s Day: The Best Gifts for New Dads

The first Father’s Day is a meaningful occasion for new dads.  While mom has taken the brunt of the physical experience of having a baby, dads are often just as engaged emotionally and mentally in new parenthood.  Therefore, you’ll surely want to celebrate dad in a special way on his first Father’s Day.  For that, you’ll want to know the best gifts for new dads.  We’ve got you covered in our New Dad’s Gift Guide.

Tech-Savvy Dads

motorola-digital-baby-monitorKid-Proof Phone Case:  As soon as your little rug rat is able to grab objects, dad’s shiny phone will certainly look like a lot of fun to fondle, chew on and drop.  Be proactive and buy dad a protective case that will help his phone survive infancy and toddlerhood.

Hi-Tech Baby Monitor:  Baby monitors have come a long way and this is one gadget that can get dads very excited.  Look for a monitor with many features that dad can play with, including a talk-back button and camera movement.  Many new baby monitors can sync with dad’s cell phone so he can keep tabs on baby from the office, a date night with mom or watching a game in another room.

Stroller Phone Pod:  This cool holder allows dad to stroll baby with easy access to his phone.  The stroller phone pods snaps onto the handlebar of the stroller to readily display dad’s phone screen.  And whenever he wants to take a quick pic of his adorable baby, his phone will be right at his fingertips.

In-Charge Dads

Baby Carrier:  We all know babies love to snuggle close to their parents and dads enjoy cuddle time too.  Encourage more skin-to-skin by letting dad do the baby wearing in a dad-friendly baby carrier.  The bonding experience will be invaluable and, while he shows off your cute tot, you can show off your incredibly dedicated partner.

Man Bag:  Every dad needs his own man bag for toting around baby items.  Stock his bag with all the essentials in your diaper bag so he can grab it on the fly when heading out with baby.  He’ll appreciate having his own masculine bag without feeling like he’s carrying around his wife’s purse.  Messenger style bags, one shoulder backpacks or a bag displaying his favorite sports team are all great first Father’s Day gift ideas.

Sports-Loving Dads

youth_baseball_gloves_HBaseball Gloves:  While it may be years before he can use them with junior, having a set of daddy/kid baseball gloves will be something he can look forward to using in years to come.  Plus, he can train your little one to use it from a young age, which should make any sports-loving dad very happy.

Matching Sports Shirts:  Dressing your baby in dad’s favorite sports team gear will certainly melt his heart.  And matching outfits will probably melt yours too.  Look for an infant shirt or onesie with his favorite team or have one custom made online.  We’re sure dad would agree, you can never start too early creating a sports fan.

Fishing Poles:  A toy fishing pole is a fun gift for dad to use with his budding fisherman.  This game may entertain your tot for hours and dad will get a kick out of it too.  This a super gift for dads who love to fish or boat, especially if you are getting him fishing gear for himself.

Sentimental Dads

His Favorite Childhood Book:  Nostalgia is definitely a part of parenthood.  Help dad bring back fond childhood memories by buying a copy of one of his favorite books from when he was a kid.  Designate it as a special daddy book that he can read to your child for years to come.

Handprints & Footprints:  Infancy is a fleeting moment in time.  Commemorate it with framed handprints and footprints for dad to keep forever.  You can cast them or use paint to display your baby’s adorable hands and feet for dad.

Wishing your family a Happy First Father’s Day!