Earth Day Activities to do with your Baby

If you think your baby is too young to participate in Earth Day, think again.  There are several fun things you can do with your baby to celebrate the Earth and discover ways to be a better environmental citizen.  Today we’re sharing Earth Day activities to do with your baby.

Enjoy Nature:  Although the traditional nature Earth Day activities like planting a tree or cleaning up a nature preserve aren’t appropriate for your tyke, you can still enjoy the wonders of nature by visiting a park, nature center or local botanical garden.  Describe the scene to your baby including all of the beautiful colors and sounds found in nature.  Let her touch what’s around her as well so she can feel the difference between grass and dirt and a tree’s bark.

Earth Day with baby__1458691891_162.206.228.38Plant if you Can:  Depending on your baby’s temperament and mobility, you may be able to do some light gardening projects with her help or her observation.  Without being too ambitious with your project, plant a few seasonal items – perhaps some pretty flowers or vegetables she can watch grow throughout the spring and summer – in your garden bed or low pots.  Help your baby dig in the soil with her hands or a small shovel.  Show her how you put the seeds or bulb in the dirt and let her help you cover it back up.  If anything she can be amused by your toiling from the comfort of a nearby picnic blanket.

Visit the Library:  Fostering a love for reading shouldn’t be expensive.  In fact, with a library card, it’s free and good for the environment.  Borrowing books is a terrific way to cut costs and the environmental impact of textiles and transportation of goods.  Spend your Earth Day reading books at the library and taking advantage of any infant programs they offer such as story time or sing-a-longs.

Donate Toys and Clothes: As your baby grows out of her clothes, pass them along to a friend.  Even if you think you may have another baby down the road, start a hand-me-down chain where you can eventually get all of your items back.  Do the same with toys as they are no longer age-appropriate for your little one.  Reusing clothes is great for the Earth and saves you money too.

Make your own Play:  Forget the store bought stuff and make your own finger paints, clay and bubbles.  These activities can be fun for hours and you’ll feel great knowing you made them from scratch with all-natural ingredients.

Walk Somewhere Instead:  Make a point to walk to one destination on Earth Day.  Whether it’s the supermarket, a park or a coffee shop, pack up the stroller or put your baby in a carrier and hit the road by foot.  This is wonderful exercise, a great way to enjoy some fresh air and scenery, and helps reduce your impact on your community.

We hope you all enjoy these Earth Day activities to do with your baby!  Happy Earth Day!