Developmental Milestones

Before we dive in, what exactly are developmental milestones?

Developmental milestones are age-specific tasks that the majority of children can achieve within that particular age group.  However, while each milestone has been assigned a general stage, the actual age children accomplish each task may differ. Just remember that every child is an individual that will develop at their own rate, and you should always remain positive, excited and encouraging!

We have collected a few examples of developmental milestones that can be realistically expected from 2-18 months of age:

Developmental Milestones

In 2-5 months of age, you can expect to see your child smiling, laughing, grasping onto a rattle or a similarly shaped object, and becoming startled by sudden noises.

In 6-9 months of age, your child may begin rolling over, crawling, adorably babbling, turning and shifting to locate sources of sounds, and performing vowel consonant combinations, such as “dada”.

Developmental Milestones


In 10-12 months of age, your little one will probably be cruising (shuffled walking) across the room with support from an adult or the furniture, finding mobile ways to reach desired objects across the room, pointing at specific objects and people, using their thumb and fingers to pick up small objects, and physically and visually exploring their toys!

In 13-18 months of age, your child will be walking by themselves, walking up and down stairs with one hand held by an adult, easily throwing lightweight objects such as a ball, using a small vocabulary of about four to ten words, following simple directions, and acknowledging and responding to his or her name.

It is important to remember that your little one may experience these stages at different times. In fact, they may take an entirely different course! But don’t worry, it’s their uniqueness that truly makes them shine!


If you are concerned about your child’s development, make sure to set up an appointment with their Doctor.