Cute Maternity Styles for the Summer

Cute Maternity Styles for the SummerDuring pregnancy many women struggle with self-confidence as their bodies grow and their clothes begin shrink. Finding the right clothes to fit your figure that are both comfortable and cute can seem hard to find. Choosing the comfy route is not necessarily the wrong choice because after all, wearing clothes that fit you comfortably is extremely important during your pregnancy. Wearing tight and restricting clothing is definitely something to avoid. But if you’re sweats and yoga pants are always your go to outfits than there is no wonder why you feel uneasy in a pair of jeans and a tank top.

First things first, learn to love and show off your growing belly! That baby in there is definitely something to be excited about and dressing your baby bump can be fun! Put down the sweats and baggy clothes that make you look bigger than what you really are, and dress yourself to feel beautiful and confident! Have fun with your pregnancy and embrace your beautiful growing body while you try out some of our must-have outfits and accessories for your maternity this summer!


Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts are always something fun to wear in the summer, and they are even better when you’re pregnant! Dresses and skirts allow you to breathe and they are not restricting and your legs are free. Especially during those hot and sticky summer months you might begin to notice you feel a little warmer now that you’re carrying. These fashion favorites will keep you cool and they will also fit and look super cute with your baby bump! Try to find dresses that have an empire waist band to accentuate your bump and show off your figure. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, midi skirts, and t-shirt dresses are perfect picks for this summer.


Belts are great accessories to pair with loose dresses, skirts, tunics, and cardigans to give you a little shape and highlight your baby bump. They are also great when you’re trying to create that empire waist look like we talked about above.  Try tying together with a skirt above your belly or below your belly with a tight tee will add some extra flare to your wardrobe. Nothing is better than having fun with your clothes! Belts do more than show off your cute pregnant figure, but they can also be tied and layered to create that fashion pop you want in your everyday style. For the summer try an assortment of colors. Neutral colors are always great, but don’t be afraid to be bold and try different prints or fun pastel and neon colors too. You can wear these looks even after your pregnancy as well!


A vest is an awesome accessory that can be worn during any season and with almost every outfit. For the summer try something light like a plain jean vest. The simplicity of the jean vest will work great over a maxi dress or paired with a cute top and shorts. If you’re feeling a little more daring then try a vest that has a little color or texture. Fur vests were such a hit in the fall and winter, but who said they can’t be rocked on those cool summer days?


Light and airy kimonos and shawls will be your favorite pick for summer. Both of these picks are great for layering tanks and tops under because they are flowy and comfortable. Stay away from shawls that are too thick because they will be too hot and heavy in the heat. Belts look great with these two, but if you’re looking for a comfort you won’t go wrong with throwing on one of these with a simple tee!

Leggings/JeggingsCute Maternity Styles for the Summer

Leggings and jeggings are comfortable and easy when you’re trying to pull something together fast. They can be worn with every single accessory above, and on those lazy days they will be an upgrade from your yoga pants and sweats. Comfort is your number one priority while you’re pregnant and matching any top with a pair of leggings will keep you cool while giving you the ability to move around the way you’d like. This summer try out the basic black leggings for a simple every day look or try something a little out of your comfort zone and have some fun with a tribal or animal print jegging! Try out our Loving Moments Maternity Leggings!