Clinging to Breastfeeding

Clinging to Breastfeeding“I did not get the birth I wanted so I clung to being able to breastfeed. We struggled…a lot. So much. He was not latching. It would take him 30-45 min for him to latch sometimes!

And then I had been in excruciating pain for two-and-a-half months before I realized he had a tongue and lip tie. (A previous LC told me he was not tied. So I thought the pain was normal.) Well we finally got it corrected and it was going well until it reattached 🙁

I went to multiple doctors and they all told me they couldn’t do the second revision and that I should just quit breastfeeding. I was definitely not quitting! I had worked so hard already! So we traveled to Chattanooga to get his ties revised. Bam! The doctor did it! It was amazing afterwards and we haven’t looked back!

Almost 11 months strong and no end in sight!”

Kimberly, Portland, TN – La Leche League