Christmas Cards: Fun Ideas & Classic Favorites

Christmas cards from SummerDesignsHoliday season is here and so are the Christmas cards! Whether you’ve received cards from friends and family through the mail or by way of inbox, Christmas card season is in full swing. Scrambling for your own card ideas? We scoured the internet for funny ways of sharing holiday cheer, some oh-so-sweet shares that are perfect if you have a newborn, and even great twists that update the classic family portrait. Here are some of the best Christmas cards we found that provide great inspiration:

Christmas cards: The Humorous Family Cards

Are you knochristmas-cards-6-summertime-designswn on your block as the jokester family? Take Christmas card inspiration from one family’s 2011 Christmas card for a lighthearted take on Santa’s “naughty or nice” list:

This family portrait might feature some of the cutest mug shots we’ve ever seen! Shot by photography studio Summertime Designs, this Christmas card uses a theme without overstating the similar family outfits. The card’s backside goes more into detail about each family member’s naughty : nice ratio and provides more humor and an individual portrait. Overall, a great Christmas card idea! Try your own or even stage a fake present theft from your Christmas tree for an original twist. You can make Christmas-themed masks or stage a Grinch portrait—everyone hiding a gift or two behind their backs while looking adorably guilty!


Christmas cards: The Baby-Perfect Poses

holiday cards

Will this be one of your baby’s first Christmases? Introducing your little one to extended friends and family via Christmas card presents an exciting opportunity to be creative. Take advantage of your baby’s size and gentle disposition in a softly lit, beautifully presented Christmas card that will be sure to produce a collective “aww!” from your recipients.

What could be cuter than a sleeping baby in a decorative hat? Not much! Even the Grinch’s heart is no match for this type of adorable portrait.

A quick Pinterest search proved a personal baby and toddler theory correct: children under 4 are frequently sitting in decorative baskets or boxes for Christmas cards! What better time to take advantage of your child’s small stature? Incorporating costumes and decorations only makes the Christmas card sweeter. Family pets can get in on the fun, too. Try decorating a basket or box with ornaments, garlands, or bells. If you have an oversized Christmas wreath you can place your child in the middle for a woodsy Christmas card!


Christmas cards: Updating the Classic Family Portraitchristmas-cards-7-ron-putnam-photography

Once upon a time, a straightforward family portrait (pet included) was the Christmas card standard. With the advent of Pinterest and other creative-sharing sites, families are blending traditional shots with out-of-the-box elements to make a new style of family portraits. Chalk boards bearing tidings of Christmas joy have been popping up frequently in Christmas cards. This photograph from Ron Putnam Photography keeps the composition clean while using a chalkboard to bear the Christmas greeting. For those who prefer straightforward Christmas cards, the chalkboard is a great way to summarize holiday cheer while featuring your family. christmas-cards-8-haley-sheffieldHayley Sheffield’s Christmas portrait features a newlywed couple holding hands next to a chchristmas-cards-3-tinyprintsalkboard bearing the message “Merry Christmas!” For those who want a Christmas card with a whimsical and romantic feel, this photograph can serve as great inspiration. Try your own chalkboard card if you’re experimenting with new Christmas card ideas (don’t have a chalkboard? You can find them in most craft or home goods stores. Craft stores often carry chalkboard paint and you can easily make your own chalkboard at home with a flat surface and a frame of your choice).  You can use the Anderson’s Christmas card idea and “label” members of your family to give recipients a quick update about everyone’s lives.

Do you have any great Christmas card ideas of your own? Share with us in the comments!