Checking in with our Superstar Spokesmom, Danah Bordner

LPGA Golfer Danah Bordner and Loving Moments SpokesMom!

LPGA Golfer Danah Bordner and Loving Moments SpokesMom!

As a LPGA golfer, mother of two, wife and advocate, Danah Bordner is a busy working mom.  If you ask her, she is the luckiest lady on the planet because she gets to pursue all of her passions and fulfill her dreams.  As busy as life gets, she wasn’t too busy to find time to breastfeed and pump for her two daughters, Taylor (3) and Reagan (1) as she tours the world playing tournaments.  Plus, she finds time to advocate for ovarian cancer awareness, a cause that is close to her heart.

Mothering on Tour

Danah feels fortunate to bring her daughters with her to tournaments about 75% of the time.  Having her girls close, and being able to maintain breastfeeding and pumping, improves her game on the course and as a mom.  Smuckers and the LPGA offer child-care to children of LPGA golfers during tournaments.  The two women who travel with the tour give the program, children and mothers much-needed stability and continuity of care while moms are golfing. Danah is particularly grateful that they supported her family’s breastfeeding goals.

Danah also had inspirational mothers on tour with her who were tremendous role models for her success.  Fellow LPGA golfers Laura Diaz, Leta Lindley and Wendy Ward served as examples of how to make all the pieces fit as mothers and athletes.  And she also learned a few tricks long the way.  One of her best skills became breastfeeding with one arm while responding to emails or doing makeup with the other.  She also prepared her kids well for being independent and in new environments, like being able to walk up and down stairs safely and drinking from a straw early.  Additionally, Danah was conscious of packing light to keep things simple for everyone.  “I packed one suitcase and one small carry on for the week,” she said.  “I always tell myself, if you truly need something or forget it, you can always go buy it!”

Like her family, Danah keeps her inspiration close to home, even when home is on the road.  First, her husband is her coach, which she says works really well for them and saves money.  When she needs inspiration, she finds it within herself, her “happy place,” that helps keep her centered and her goals in perspective.  And if all else fails, tickling her daughters and hearing their laughter supplies her with phenomenal inspiration.

Breastfeeding and Pumping on the Road

Danah breastfed and pumped for both Taylor and Reagan while traveling with the tour.  If you think pumping at your workplace poses a challenge, what if your office was a golf course?  But like any dedicated mom, Danah found a way to make it work.  “I was very lucky to have produced so much,” Danah said.  She purchased a separate freezer for her home to store nearly five months of milk and brought it with her to her temporary headquarters in Florida from December through March.

“My first priority would be to pump immediately after I signed my score card,” Danah said about the logistics of pumping on tour.  “I also timed my practice around my pumping or feeding schedule when I could.”  She cites organization and hydration as her biggest assets for breastfeeding and pumping on the road.  “Whether you are at home or on the road, staying ahead of the game is key.”

Like many other working moms, Danah sometimes had to “pump and dump.”  As “truly heartbreaking” as it was to throw away milk she worked hard to produce and found time to pump, she felt it was worth it to maintain milk production.  “Let’s face it,” she said, “not every industry or workplace is equipped to store breast milk, especially when flying traveling 8-14 hours in one day.”

Of course, breastfeeding while traveling is not without its difficulties and blunders.  Like most new moms, Danah sprayed her daughters with breast milk before feedings on occasion.  And even with as much traveling as she did, she still felt awkward feeding on an airplane.  She learned that window seats were ideal and if she had to make a connection, sitting on opposite sides of the plane would allow her to breastfeed more easily from each breast.  Danah also learned early which foods would cause diaper rash – either through breast milk when she ate them or when the girls moved up to solids – to avoid painful moments while traveling.

As with most new moms, the second breastfeeding experience posed new challenges for Danah as she had to entertain 21-month-old Taylor while nursing baby Reagan.  Danah’s solution: she bought $20 worth of gifts at the dollar store and wrapped them individually.  Whenever she had to feed while Taylor was around, Taylor would get a new toy to keep her occupied.

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, a cause that has affected Danah in a profound way.  A close friend of hers died of ovarian cancer and ever since, Danah adopted Ovarian Cancer Awareness as her cause.  She works with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to spread the word about early detection of this deadly disease.  “Too many women, young and old, have lost their lives due to ignoring symptoms, Danah said.  “September is the month for Teal.”  Much like pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness, Teal is the color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Danah’s color for the month of September as well.

Check out Danah on tour during the LPGA season.  She’s the beaming mother of two in the Loving Moments hat.  We hope you join us in cheering her on!