Celebrity Babies: Celebrity Baby Clothing Lines

Let’s face it, celebrity babies probably have a few advantages over the rest of our babies.  For starters, most of them have a fabulous wardrobe.  Yes, when all of your parents’ friends are rich and famous, you are bound to get some very trendy, expensive baby clothes as gifts.  But when your parents are also style icons, you will surely to be on the best-dressed baby list time-after-time.

Many famous mamas are using their own senses of style to make all of our kids a bit more fashionable.  The latest trend in Hollywood motherhood is a celebrity baby clothing line.  Check out these awesome lines from some of our favorite designer moms:

Truly Scrumptious_Heidi Klum

Photo via Truly Scrumptious for Babies ‘R’ Us

Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum

Heidi takes her passion for fashion from the runway to the nursery with this whimsical line of baby and toddler clothes, bedding, nursery décor and more, sold exclusively at Babies R Us.  Her signature monster-like faces make her collections fun, funny and fantastic for kids.

The Little Seed by Soleil Moon Frye

From beloved child star to lover of all things children, Soleil and her business partner Paige Goldberg started this über earthy, eco-friendly and organic infant and childrens’ clothing line.  Coined “green in every color,” their designs feature simple yet brightly-colored, soft printed organic bodysuits, shirts, dresses, sweat suits, pants and more.

Little Maven by Tori Spelling

With four little ones of her own, Tori knows a thing or two about kids clothes.  Her line, sold at JCPenny, is chic, modern and combines bright colors with interesting patterns and textures.  Yup, we’re talkin’ blazers, ties and pocket squares for boys, and fringe, fur vests and hip skirts for girls.  How adorably sophisticated!

Harajuku Mini_Gwen Stefani

Photo via Harajuku for Target

Harajuku Mini for Target by Gwen Stefani

Just like her, Gwen’s new baby and children’s clothing line at Target rocks.  Her influence is undeniable, with lots of bold black and white prints, pops of pink and just the perfect amount of adorable, yet edgy, details.   We’re pretty sure Gwen’s bringing the punk look back, one baby at a time.

We applaud these celebrity moms for their impeccable designs and creativity.  We thank them for sharing their talents with the rest of us, and our kids.  We may not all have celebrity babies, but at least our little stars can dress like them, too!