Celebrating Your Baby Bump: How to Memorialize your Pregnancy

Celebrating Your Baby Bump:  How to Memorialize your PregnancyPregnancy should be a time of excitement and celebration.  Although some weird things may be happening to your body, hopefully they don’t overshadow the amazing miracle of carrying a baby.  Whether you’re having your first or your fourth, celebrating your baby bump is certainly in order.  Today we’re sharing some sweet, sassy, fun and funny ways to memorialize your pregnancy.

Progressive Series of Belly Photos:  There are many ways of celebrating your baby bump through photography.  You, your partner and eventually your child will love looking back at these photos and watching your belly grow month-by-month.  Someone can help you take your progressive series or you can take a selfie in the mirror.  Be sure to get a side view and pose in a similar fashion each time to note the changes.  You can use props to mark the monthly progression, such as belly stickers, a chalkboard, blocks, your fingers or ultrasound photos.

Professional Pregnancy Photos:  You may also want to invest in a professional photo session during pregnancy to really capture your beautiful belly and glowing aura.  You can do this alone or with your partner and other children.  You’ll want to emphasize your belly with cupped hands, heart fingers and other loving gestures towards the little love growing inside you.  For a funny take, you can use an empty picture frame and let your belly punch through.  Or some women opt for a more sensual nude or semi-nude photo session to memorialize their pregnancy.  You can also take the middle ground, such as rockin’ a bikini, baby bump and all.

Cast Your Belly:  You don’t have to be a great sculptor to create a cast of your belly for eternity.  You can buy easy-to-use kits with all of the supplies.  A word of caution though – you may want to involve someone to help you to ensure you cover your entire belly and can get the cast off when you’re done.

Belly Art:  Using non-toxic body paint, you can have an artist (amateur or professional) paint a beautiful scene on your bump.   Although temporary, the artwork can be rather exquisite and a great way to memorialize your pregnancy in a highly artistic fashion.  If you have older children, you can also let them paint your belly for a fun, bonding activity with their new sibling.

Bump to Bump:  If you have a sister, cousin or best friend who’s pregnant at the same time as you, be sure to get some bump pics together.  A fun way to do this is to bump bellies.  Better yet, bump exposed bellies with baby faces on them as a first sign of friendship between your growing babies.

Henna Tattoo:  100% pure henna is considered safe to use during pregnancy…and there are no needles involved!  Much like belly art, you can have your bump tattooed with henna ink in a stunning pattern.  This Middle Eastern traditional form of art makes a gorgeous natural and creative way of celebrating your baby bump.

L401-Leggings-120x157Cute Maternity Clothes:  Perhaps it goes without saying, you can celebrate your bump every day in cute maternity clothes.  Although pregnancy is a temporary state, invest on some fun and versatile maternity clothes that will make you feel good about the way you look.  Loving Moments aims to bring you great quality options in our maternity-to-nursing collection, which includes pieces that you can use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Our line features adjustable maternity leggings, nursing tops and tanks that can be worn alone or layered.

However you choose to do it, celebrate your bump while it lasts!