Celebrating National Nurses Week

Celebrating National Nurses WeekMay 6th, 2014 is the beginning of National Nurses Week, an important week-long celebration that reminds us of the hard work nurses across the country do to keep us healthy and safe. For new moms in particular, nurses play a critical role during delivery and in the NICU center. From helping preemies grow steadily to holding a mom’s hand during labor until her husband arrives as the hospital, nurses provide essential care we wouldn’t want to go without. So we’re sending a big thank you to nurses across the country and the globe!

It’s hard not to tear up reading this emotional blog post, “Dear NICU Nurse,” from A Hand to Hold on the Preemie 101’s website. One mother shares her NICU journey and deep appreciation for the neonatal nurses that work as a team to care for her baby. In light of this week’s celebration, we’re including a link to the post here. If you have a friend or a loved one who works as a neonatal nurse, be sure to thank them this week for their hard work caring for some of the tiniest patients in the hospital.

National Nurses Week is also a great time to start the breastfeeding conversation with any nurses you might know or work with. Even though breastfeeding rates are up across the country, only 49 percent of moms in the United States are breastfeeding exclusively after 6 months. Gently share your concerns and wishes with your lactation consultant if you’re currently in a breastfeeding class and have a game plan about what common hurdles you might face nursing the first week after delivery. Being educated about common breastfeeding concerns will help you feel confident about your decision to nurse in the hospital even if you face difficulty at first. Make sure that you have open communication with your nurses and doctor about your breastfeeding needs; with encouraged conversation, we hope to see nurses continue to positively impact our US breastfeeding rates!

Happy National Nurses Week!