Breastfeeding Tips for Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! When the weather is cold all you may want to do is snuggle up with your baby to keep both of you warm. If that sounds like you, then breastfeeding is the perfect wintertime warm-up! Today we’re sharing breastfeeding tips for winter:

Breastfeeding Tip #1: Warm Your Baby with Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most amazing substance on the planet. It has the unique ability to change temperature based on your baby’s specific needs during a feeding time. So when it’s cold outside and your baby needs heat, breastfeeding offers the perfect warm beverage.

Breastfeeding Tips for WinterBreastfeeding Tip #2: Skin-to-Skin

When you’re breastfeeding during wintertime, try for as much skin-to-skin as possible. In addition to the warmth of your breast milk, your body temperature will also help warm your baby. Plus your baby will be calmer and sync to your body’s rhythm through more skin-to-skin time and you can help regulate your baby’s heartbeat to improve heat-producing circulation.

Breastfeeding Tip #3: Heal Your Baby with Breast Milk

If your baby does catch a cold during the winter months, the very best therapy may be your breast milk. Packed with hundreds of nutrients and vital antibodies, breast milk helps keep babies healthier, both in the short and long term. Also, breast milk can help heal topically when applied to dry skin or dabbed in the nasal or ear cavities to clear congestion.

Breastfeeding Tip #4: Layer with Nursing Tanks

Even when you’re bundled in sweaters and coats, layer your outfits with a nursing tank underneath for easy breastfeeding access. This way you can simply flip up your warm layers, unclasp your nursing tank and you’re ready to feed whenever your baby says it’s time. This will save you much hassle when you’re dressed for winter weather.

Breastfeeding Tip #5: Use a Breathable Nursing Cover

Protect your baby from the cold air with a breathable nursing cover. Research shows that trapping your baby with a blanket in a small confined space (like car seat carrier, stroller or while breastfeeding) can be a suffocation hazard and causes babies to re-breathe harmful carbon dioxide. Instead use a lightweight nursing cover that allows air to flow freely while still reducing exposure to harsh temperatures. Our Loving Moments nursing cover doubles as a scarf so it’s perfect for wintertime nursing on-the-go.

Breastfeeding Tip #6: Breastfeed More Often

As if you need another excuse to cuddle with your little one, breastfeeding is just the best bonding activity when it’s cold outside. You can breastfeed in your warm bed, wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace, or cozied-up into your rocking chair. It feels so good to breastfeed when it’s cold outside so do it as often as your baby desires.

We hope you have a magnificent winter filled with lots and lots of breastfeeding!