Breastfeeding Tears of Happiness and Sadness

“I am a 24 year old mother of two, living in Denison, TX. I hated breastfeeding in the beginning because it was so hard. But now, I LOVE it! Here is my story:

Breastfeeding Tears of Happiness and SadnessOn April 11, 2014, I was induced at 39 weeks at 12:50 p.m. My 5 lb 15.5 oz baby boy was born. (Eliott James Taylor) I was only able to do skin-to-skin for about five minutes before they had to take him to the nursery because he was unable to hold his temperature. After I got him back, I tried to get him latched every chance I got and both of us were having a hard time. All he wanted to do was sleep but I knew I needed to keep trying. All the while I was getting so frustrated and sad. I wanted what was best for my baby, but at the same time I was ready to quit.

When we were finally released from the hospital, he slept all night long. I tried to get him to latch that morning but it was not happening. He was crying, I was crying, and all day I tried to latch him with no success. I knew he was hungry so I kept trying. I pumped and gave him a bottle and that worked for a couple of hours. That evening I realized that he was extremely cold. I checked his temperature and it was 94.5. We rushed him to the ER and they immediately admitted him and started an IV. He had become dehydrated and was beginning to get hypothermia.

While in the hospital, we learned that he had the cord wrapped around his neck three times in my uterus. So although I was 39 weeks, he was only measuring at 35 and was unable to latch because he was so under measured. On top of that, he was also tongue tied. This still wasn’t going to stop me from trying to give my baby what was best for him. The lactation consultant and the nurse at the hospital tried to help with a shield and that worked. I was so happy. I was pumping while latching him and we were finally able to be discharged again.

Breastfeeding Tears of Happiness and SadnessWhen we got home he stopped latching again, even with the shield. I continued to pump and give him bottles, but unfortunately I was not pumping enough, and eventually lost my supply. So we were forced to go to formula. He was constantly sick, but now he is a happy, energetic two year old little boy.

Now for my second story, which began on February 9, 2016: At 36 weeks my breached baby girl decided she wanted to get out. A C-section was done at 5:36 p.m. and Brelynn Joyce Taylor was here. I requested to do skin-to-skin as soon as they pulled her out but unfortunately I could not due to her not breathing correctly and her sugar level was low so she was rushed to the nursery. When I got her back, I immediately tried to feed her but she would not latch. She would latch for a second then stop with sugar water, and she was very sleepy. I tried to wake her every two to three hours but we were having quite a bit of trouble latching. I started using the shield and it worked.

We went home and I continued using the shield because it seemed to be the only way she would latch. I was beginning to become engorged so I pumped and used the shield because that was working for us. A happy baby is a happy mama. After my milk came in I did away with the shield and we were doing just fine.

We are now five months strong on breastfeeding and doing wonderfully. There are days I just wanna give up because she wants to eat all day long and I don’t get anything done. But then I just cherish being able to hold my baby and bond with her, knowing she is getting the very best. While her brother who was on formula was sick all the time, she has never been sick.

So this is my success story. Breastfeeding is very challenging. We have spent many nights just crying together, both happy and sad tears. If you stick with it then it is so worth it. My goal is to reach a year and once I reach that I will try a year and a half and so on. We are only seven months away so fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading my struggle and my success stories. I hope this can motivate you on making your decision on breastfeeding.”

D’Anna, Grayson County, TX WIC