Breastfeeding Support for Twin Moms

Breastfeeding Support for Twin Moms“My husband and I have seen great benefit from being able to use the WIC Lactation Center with our twin boys. I can say with certainty that our boys would not be breastfeeding today had we not had access to this wonderful resource. Breastfeeding is difficult, especially with multiples. Twin mommas also often have their babies early and/or have complications, which makes the start of the breastfeeding journey more difficult. Although the NICU nurses were wonderful, they did not provide the lactation support and help that we needed to be successful. They were more focused on getting the boys healthy and big enough to be discharged from the NICU, and not so much on the long term goal of breastfeeding.

My twins were born at 33 weeks and although they did very well considering how early they were, they were small and slow to grow and therefore had difficulty breastfeeding. In addition, my delivery was very traumatic; I had some serious post-delivery complications that made our situation more difficult because we did not get started out the best way possible.

My husband and I were struggling with deciding what was best for our family, as our pediatrician was recommending that we follow each breastfeeding sessions with a bottle of pumped breast milk that was fortified with Similac Neosure to add extra calories.

The stress between my husband and I was lifted when we met Christine. She helped us feel more confident that although we were struggling, if we continued to be dedicated to breastfeeding that the boys would grow and get better at it, and that this difficult journey was worth it. She also helped me be more confident that my breast milk was exactly what my babies needed; when she tested the calories of my breast milk, it was 26 calories, so we felt confident that we no longer needed to add the Neosure to my breast milk in order to get the milk at or above 22 calories.

Christine helped the boys to learn to latch better, and by going each week, we were able to see them progress and eventually they could get out enough milk that we could try to not follow immediately with a bottle. By seeing Christine once a week we were able to continue our breastfeeding journey.

There is not a lot of support for twin moms. I had tried to attend a breastfeeding support group at the hospital I delivered at; however, no one else in the group had a premature baby, let alone multiples, so I really didn’t feel like they could understand or help me. I highly recommend the WIC Lactation Center to any moms of multiples that I know who are dedicated to trying to breastfeed their multiples.”

Sarah, WIC Lactation Care Center Dallas, TX