Breastfeeding Superstar Mom, Melissa

The San Felipe WIC office has an incredible tradition to support moms for their amazing breastfeeding successes. They have a “Superstar Wall” where women who exclusively breastfeeding for one year or more are featured with a framed photo and story about their breastfeeding journey. The conference room is used by tribal groups in the area. Melissa discovered the wall at an event last year and said she wanted to be on it.  This year, she was honored by becoming a mom on the “Superstar Wall”!

Breastfeeding Superstar Mom, Melissa


daughter Nizhoni 8/2015

Tell us who supported you the most to breastfeed and continue breastfeeding: 

My mom and sister supported me in breastfeeding my first born.

Tell us about your biggest challenge to breastfeed or continue breastfeeding:

My biggest was the places I could breastfeed and the pain. But I learned that it was OK to breastfeed.

What feelings surprised you the most:

The connection you get and the bonding feeling is the best feeling you can ever get.

Tell us your “secret” wish about breastfeeding:

It comes natural.

Tell us about your “perfect/dream” breastfeeding experience:

Was when my daughter latched on fast after she was born.

Tell us what you would like to share with a pregnant mom that has never breastfed:

Don’t be scared to breastfeed.  It all comes natural and the best drink your child could ever have at no cost!

Melissa, San Felipe WIC