Breastfeeding 411: Low Milk Supply

Loving Moments by Leading Lady’s strives to not only provide new moms with the products they need to nurse their babies, but the resources and answers they need, too.  By consulting with the many moms we have on staff, including a fabulous lactation consultant, Loving Moments is here to answer questions new moms have about their babies.

Q: I feel that my milk supply is low.  What should I do if my baby is not regaining his birth weight?

A: Most women have plenty of milk to nurse their babies, but it takes a little bit of work and dedication to stimulate the milk supply, especially at the beginning.

Mom and BabyIn the early months, babies should gain four to seven ounces per week.  If your baby’s weight gain is slower than average, there may be a medical or physical reason.  So before you make the move to formula, make an appointment with a lactation consultant, who can help ensure your baby is latching properly.  Not latching deeply enough is a very common problem.  If the baby is only latching on the tip of the nipple, he won’t get as much milk and milk supply will not be stimulated.  Milk supply is encouraged by frequent and productive breastfeeding.

Hang in there and seek professional help if necessary.  Breastfeeding creates a wonderful bond between mother and baby, and using outside resources and support is part of the partnership.  Be sure to keep a positive attitude as you navigate this new experience.  Try to find ways to make your life easier, such as wearing easy-to-use nursing bras and allowing others to help with household chores while you focus on breastfeeding.

Amy Berry
Amy is a lactation consultant and proud momma of 7 (yep seven!) wonderful children all breastfed and a Loving Moments fan!