Breast Milk Smoothies

Breast Milk SmoothiesOnce your baby begins eating solid foods, the door is opened to new and exciting culinary worlds. If you’re a mom-chef you’ve probably been salivating at the chance to make sophisticated fancy foodie-style baby eats for your little one. Even if you’re just a regular mom in the kitchen, starting solids is exciting and offers great new opportunities for your baby. Between the variety of foods your baby can begin to enjoy and adding in natural flavors and spices, your baby can savor new masterpieces from your kitchen daily. That includes breast milk smoothies, a terrific way to help your baby consume even more breast milk goodness and a wealth of other nutritious foods as well.

Breast milk smoothies achieve many goals at once. First, if your baby is on the newish side to solids, drinking may be more comfortable than eating. Blending food and breast milk into liquid might be the best way to familiarize your baby with new textures and flavors.

Additionally, there are some super healthy foods that your baby is probably not going to eat straight up. Kale anyone?  These are excellent foods to add to breast milk smoothies so your baby can reap the health benefits and you can check for allergies while masking the flavor with more palatable fruits…and your awesome breast milk, of course. Trust us, breast milk smoothies can be a savior for moms of picky eaters.

When your baby is teething, eating solid foods may not be her favorite activity as they may hurt her tender gums. But slurping down delicious and nutritious breast milk smoothies can save the day.  Teething and other developmental milestones may cause your little one not to want to nurse or she may go on a nursing strike for some reason. Keep her nourished with your breast milk with a smoothie instead. If your baby needs cold relief for her sore mouth, you can freeze your smoothie into a popsicle for her to suck and bite on instead.

As your baby gets older, she may be breastfeeding less. If you have breast milk stored or you still plan to pump milk for your baby or toddler, you will have plenty for breast milk smoothies. Frozen breast milk works particularly well to help the consistency of your culinary concoction.

Need to take food on-the-go? Breast milk smoothies are easy to bring along. To simplify food prep, make a batch of fresh breast milk smoothies that will last for several days. Be sure to date the container so you know how long the breast milk will last. If you use frozen milk, your baby should drink the smoothie within one day.  Do not refreeze breast milk once it has been thawed.

The sky is the limit when you’re making breast milk smoothies. You can slowly increase your ingredients list as your baby has tried more and more foods. Remember to use the same food introduction rules when making breast milk smoothies – introduce one new food every 2-5 days as recommended by your pediatrician. Be sure too keep an eye out for possible food allergies by gauging reactions including rashes, hives, respiratory trouble, congestion, digestive problems or changes in behavior.

Breast milk smoothies can include traditional ingredients like your baby’s favorite fruits and veggies and you can go wild with other nutritious foods that are harder to incorporate in your baby’s diet. Oatmeal, flax, chia seeds, tofu, kefir and beef liver are all fantastic ingredients for breast milk smoothies.

We hope your baby enjoys breast milk smoothies as she continues to discover new delicious and nutritious flavors!

Sources: Integrated Nutritional Therapies and Homemade Baby Food Recipies