Bra Fitting

Bra Fitting

Although most women are not aware of it, experts claim that between 70-80% of us have been wearing the wrong bra size for years. How is that possible, you ask? That can’t be true, you shout!

But it is true.

Many of us only get fitted once in our life when, in reality, we are constantly changing shape. We gain weight and lose it, build muscle, have children, train for half-marathons, travel, take cooking classes etc. With such active lifestyles, our size will never truly remain the same.

So what do we do? We grab our wallets, a few friends, and set out on bra hunting trips with only one factor in mind: our cup size.  Unfortunately for us, one of the most common mistakes in bra shopping is purchasing a cup size too small and a band size too large. Small cups promote side spillage and unsightly lumps and bumps while a loose band causes straps to dig into the shoulders without the appropriate support and lift. Despite the fact these are all common problems, women seem to simply accept them. A proper fitting is necessary and, while it is not an exact science, it will be a starting point to help you find that perfect fit.

Many stores that sell bras have employees with the knowledge to help out. But, if you have a measuring tape at home, you can easily find your sizes yourself!

We have collected a few helpful steps to assist you through the process:

Band Size Steps:

  1. Wear your best fitting structured bra
  2. Stretch your measuring tape around your back to your front
  3. Keep your measuring tape under your arms and bringing it up across to the middle of your chest
  4. Locate band size on measuring tape
  5. If you are an odd number, round up to the following even number
  6. This even number will be your band size.

Cup Size Steps:

  1. Wear your best fitting structured bra
  2. Pull your tape measure around your back and to your front.
  3. Holding it snug but not tight, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  4. Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement.
  5. The difference will be your cup size.

Each inch of this difference represents a different cup size. A difference of 1 inch is an A cup size, 2 inches a B cup size, 3 inches a C cup size, and so on.

For example, if you measure at a 38 inch band size and a 36 inch cup size, the difference equals 2, which would make you a B cup size.


Our bras support us every day of our lives: we shouldn’t have to settle! Measure yourself today and find the perfect fit for you!

It is important to remember that bras stretch over time so, when new, you should fit firmly and comfortably on the last hook.