Baby’s First Christmas – Photography Ideas

Baby’s First Christmas – Photography IdeasYour baby’s first Christmas is one of the best photo ops of the year. Take advantage of this festive time to set up a cute and creative photo shoot with your baby to commemorate her first holiday season. Today we’re sharing adorable do-it-yourself ideas for photographing your baby’s first Christmas.

Santa’s Hat: There’s something incredibly jolly about naked babies wearing a Santa Claus hat. Set your baby on a bed or the floor with a cozy blanket and capture the moments as she plays around wearing the festive hat.

In a Present: Your baby is probably your best holiday present so put her in a gift box for adorable photos for baby’s first Christmas. Wrap an oversized box – perhaps a shipping box – in festive paper and then put a blanket inside for your baby to sit on.

In Front of your Christmas Tree: Wearing Christmas pajamas or her fanciest Christmas outfit, some of the best photos of baby’s first Christmas may be in front of your Christmas tree. Let her play with a few ornaments and surround her with wrapped presents to really capture the essence of the holiday.

In a Stocking: For the tiniest babies, place your little one’s feet and body in a stocking allowing her arms and head to remain out. You can place a cute hat on your baby too. What a precious stocking stuffer your baby makes!

Dressed as a Festive Character: Dressing your baby as any holiday-themed character is a great way to celebrate and photograph baby’s first Christmas. Try a Santa suit or elf costume. Or perhaps dress your baby as a reindeer, candy cane, or snowman. Fairies and angles make adorable Christmas costumes too. Get creative and snap away.

Wrapped in Twinkle Lights: Your baby lights up your life and you light up hers. Gently wrap a strand of twinkle lights around her for an illuminating photo. (Do keep a close watch to make sure she does not choke or try to put lights or wires in her mouth.)

Quotables: Baby outfits with sweet quotes are a wonderful idea for baby’s first Christmas. Many baby clothing retailers sell “baby’s first Christmas” shirts, onesies and pajamas. Or look for something sweet like “best present ever” or “cutest elf on the block.”

Winter Hats: Babies always look good in hats. Any festive or cozy winter hat makes for a beautiful photo with your baby dressed or naked. For boys, a bow tie can be an adorable added touch and for girls, frilly tutus are stunning in photos.

Baby’s first Christmas is such a special time for your family. Capture the adorable moments and enjoy this wonderful time as a family. Merriest of Christmases this year!