Baby Shower Games

Playing silly games at a party may not have happened since your youth, but a baby shower is permission to return to parties past.  Baby shower games may feel a bit hooky, but it’s a lighthearted way to mix and mingle friends around a common theme…a baby.

Today we’re sharing 15 cute and simple baby shower games that are sure to be a hit:

  • Pin the Diaper on the Baby: Like the classic pin the tail on the donkey, guests are blindfolded and have to stick a diaper on a blown up picture of a baby.
  • Baby Scenario Charades: Guests select a slip of paper with a common baby situation written on it (crying, breastfeeding, diaper changing) and have to act it out while other guests try to guess the situation.
  • Baby Shower Games

    Don’t Say Baby: Each guest attaches a diaper pin to her shirt when she arrives.  If another guests hears someone say “baby” they can take the diaper pin away.  The guests with the most pins at the end of the party wins.

  • Match the Socks: Divide guests into two teams.  Time each team while they try to match 12 pairs of baby socks.  The fastest team wins.
  • What Flavor is That: Blindfold guests and feed them different flavors of baby food.  Ask them to guess the flavors.  The guest with the most correct answers wins.
  • Which Baby Did What: Ask the parents of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be to give you 5-10 things that the expecting parents did as babies.  Have baby shower guests determine which baby did what.
  • Baby Mad Libs: Write a mad libs story and have guests fill in the blanks.  Then read the story out loud with much hilarity.
  • Melting Baby: Freeze tiny plastic babies in ice cubes.  Drop one baby ice cube in each guests drink and see whose “due date” comes first.
  • Baby Price is Right: Buy 8 baby items and hide the price of each inside a small envelope.  Play “The Price is Right” with several guests and the mom-to-be to see who can guess the prices most accurately.
  • Ironic Onesies: Purchase plain white onesies and fabric markers or paint for each guest to create a onesie with an ironic phrase for the baby.  (Examples:  Are you Talkin’ to Me?, It Wasn’t Me, and Go Ahead, Make My Day)
  • Name the Animal Babies: Test your guests’ knowledge of animal baby names by showing pictures of various animal babies and having them write down what they believe the name to be.  Get creative and tricky with your animal choices!
  • Play-doh Babies: Have each guest create a baby out of play-doh.  Let the mom-to-be select the winner.
  • Diaper Messages: Have each guest write a short but sweet message on a newborn diaper that the baby can wear when she is born.
  • Name that Baby Tune: Play children’s songs without the words and ask guests to guess the song.
  • Bottle Chugging: Fill baby bottles with water or juice and see which guest can guzzle down the bottle contents fastest.

We hope you enjoy these baby shower games at your next baby shower!