Baby Milestones: When Do Babies Talk?

Every parent knows which big developmental milestones are video worthy, but there are also smaller, poignant baby milestones that are worth remembering just as vividly. Loving Moments by Leading Lady chose its name because we believe in the tender, quiet moments a mother shares with her baby just as we do the larger celebrations shared by the whole family. We’ll feature a question that new parents frequently ask concerning when their child will develop a certain skill.

When do babies start talking?

Baby Milestones: When Do Babies Talk?There is no fixed age when your baby will utter his or her first words, but within the first two years your baby will learn how to transform sounds in language. Once your baby becomes accustomed to using the tongue, palate, teeth, and lips to create sound, recognizable words and phrases will spill from your baby’s mouth. You can expect to hear the traditional “mama” and “dada” as early as six months, but more involved words and phrases usually emerge from baby between 18 months and two years old. To foster speech, spend some time exaggerating facial positions your baby is learning that will lead to speech. Funny faces aren’t just for playtime! Also, try and speak to your baby in a normal, even tone. Fostering conversation can be aided by treating your baby as if she is ready to engage. Some research shows that using baby talk hinders a child’s language development compared to children whose parents speak to them without cutesy tones and language.

Another great way to encourage your baby to talk is to develop a running dialog. During mealtimes, bath time, and playtime you can narrate your actions and give a name to all the objects you and your baby interact with. For example, if you’re bathing your baby, you can explain what soap, shampoo, rubber ducky, towel, etc. are and how we use them. Make it part of your natural speech with your baby and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can expand her vocabulary! Even though she’s not yet returning conversation, she is taking in the knowledge you’re sharing with her.

What were some of your child’s first words? Let us know in the comments!

While we highlighted a few of the traditional, noteworthy “first steps” an infant takes while growing into a toddler, we recommend also watching for the smaller strides your baby will make before the literal leaps and bounds you’ll witness in the near future. Tell us about some of your favorite baby milestone moments!