Baby Milestones: When Do Babies Smile?

 Every parent knows which big developmental milestones are video worthy, but there are also smaller, poignant baby milestones that are worth remembering just as vividly. Loving Moments by Leading Lady chose its name because we believe in the tender, quiet moments a mother shares with her baby just as we do the larger celebrations shared by the whole family. We’ll feature a question that new parents frequently ask concerning when their child will develop a certain skill.


When do babies smile?

maternity-sleep-braAround nine weeks you can expect to see your baby’s first sweet smile appear. Whether you’re nursing your little one at night (easily done with Loving Moments’ nursing sleep bra) or playing with him or her during the day, a smile might appear in the midst of a peek-a-boo game. Cherish how naturally happy your baby looks in these moments, and remember that this is the first of many smiles you will enjoy. Soon that cheeky grin will be accompanied by your baby laughing, just three to six short weeks away.

You might have seen a smile cross your baby’s face before the two month mark, but this smile is a distinct sign of baby development—doctors indicate that babies learn “social smiling” as an intentional response to your interaction with your newborn. Before, a baby smiles as a means of exploring muscular responses. The “social” smile is how you and I smile at one another and is one of the sweetest and most interactive early developmental milestones your baby will exhibit.

Say cheese!

A picture is a great way to capture one of your baby’s first smiles. Making silly faces and singing to your infant are fun ways to coax out a smile, so make sure you’ve got a camera or your smartphone nearby for a quick snap. Recording baby milestones is important because you will be able to share these loving moments with family and friends for years to come.


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