Baby Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3 – Baby Feeding Gear

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us and we’re helping out all the new parents with our baby holiday gift guide.  Earlier this week we shared the latest high tech and on-the-go gear for your baby.  Today we’re talking all about food.

In infancy, feeding your baby is pretty simple as you nurture your little one through natural breast milk.  While breastfeeding doesn’t require any gear, in our modern parenting age, there are some nice-to-have breastfeeding items that you may want to put on your baby’s holiday wish list, especially if you or other caregivers will be providing bottles of breast milk.  And once your baby is 6 months of age, you can introduce solids and eventually cups and utensils that will help you nourish your baby into toddlerhood.

Here are some of the best items available to help feed your baby:

Kiinde Breast Milk KitBreast Milk Kit:  The ultimate way to help a breastfeeding mother is to make life simpler for her.  This Kiinde Breastfeeding Gift Set does just that with everything a new mom needs to store milk and eventually serve it to her baby.  Listen to all the innovative elements of this kit:  Reusable leak-proof storage twist pouches that fit right onto your pump, an organizer for your pouches to keep them in date-order, a breast milk and bottle warmer that warms your milk to just the right temperature and automatically shuts off, and an unprecedented pouch to bottle system that eliminates messy transferring back-and-forth.  This is a brilliant gift for babies of working moms who need to keep breastfeeding organized and efficient. yoomi warming bottle

Warming Bottle:
 You’ve heard of a bottle warmer but what about a warming bottle?  Several brands, including this one by yoomi, make a self-warming bottle.  This eliminates an extra gadget and allows you to give your baby a warm bottle of breast milk wherever you go.  Simply turn on the attached warmer for 60 seconds and wah-la, your baby’s bottle is warm and ready to enjoy.


Baby Cook Food MakerAll-in-One Food Maker:  If you plan to make your own baby food, an all-in-one food maker is a wonderful holiday present for your baby (and you).  These fool-proof devices steam, blend and warm your baby’s food in virtually one step.  Now you can easily nourish your baby with wholesome homemade food in less than 15 minutes.  Baby food makers are especially helpful at creating the perfect consistency for your baby’s stage in solids and for mixing multiple foods together when your baby is ready.  And get this: the components are dishwasher safe for super simple clean-up.  For an extra special gift, a double baby food maker does twice the work at one time. Flavor up your baby’s holiday with this awesome gadget.

Adjustable spoonAdjustable Spoon:
  You’ll soon realize when your baby is ready for solids, things get messy pretty fast.  Even with you feeding your baby, food seems to get everywhere.  Once your baby tries to feed herself, it just gets worse.  That’s where this adjustable spoon comes in very handy.  It remains at 90 degrees to help your baby successfully get food into her mouth rather than the 100 other places it could go.


silikids lids

Silicon Cup Lids:  Once you move from bottles to cups, your baby has a few new challenges in store.  Learning to suck from sippies or straws is a skill unto itself.  Luckily lots of cup options have non-spill features. For those that don’t – and even for you accident prone grownups – try silicon cup lids.  This set fits just about any cup in your house, making not spilling that much easier for everyone.  Protect your carpets, furniture and car with these clever and versatile lids.


puja hangable cupsHangable Cups:  Fostering independence is a major step for parents and kids alike.  One way to do this is to offer ways that children can help themselves.  This novelty hangable cup system gives children, starting from toddlerhood, the ability to self-serve their own
drinks.  Simply latch the cups to a cabinet or refrigerator door and allow your little ones to get their own beverages safely and efficiently.  While your baby may not need this right now, it certainly will help you when your older kids can be self-sufficient.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our baby holiday gift guide and gathered some great ideas for your baby’s holiday wish list.  We wish you a warm and bright holiday season with your growing family!  Happy Holidays!!