Baby Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1 – High Tech Gear

A baby’s first holiday season is an exciting time for the entire family!  While she may not remember it, the memories you make sharing the holiday spirit will stay with you always.  When it comes to gift giving, a baby’s holiday wish list may be more about what parents need for babies than what babies need themselves.  Yes, a few toys or outfits here and there are great gifts, but the best baby gifts may be items that make parents’ lives easier to care for their little ones.  Today we’re beginning our 3-part baby holiday gift guide to help you navigate the latest and greatest innovative baby gear on the market to add to your baby’s wish list.

We’ll begin our baby holiday gift guide with high tech baby gear:

mamarooMamaroo or Rockaroo:  Busy parents know you can’t hold your baby all the time.  But they can feel like they are being held in one of these innovative new baby swing chairs by 4Moms.  Not only will your baby feel snug and cuddly in this comfort baby chair, it offers a variety of movements that are soothing to babies including car ride, rocking, bouncing and ocean waves.  The seat reclines to several positions and the fabric insert can be easily removed for machine washing.  The Mamaroo and Rockaroo feature peaceful sounds and music and the entire venue can be Bluetooth operated.  Detachable mobile toys will keep baby entertained while awake. With these inventive new swing chairs, babies and parents alike can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Hatch Smart Changing Pad:  We have “smart” everything else in our lives so why not get smart with your baby’s changing station too.  This novel take on a baby care staple allows you to track tons of hatch smart baby changing padinformation about your baby including wet and dirty diapers, feedings, weight and sleep.  For parents who aren’t
always home with their babies, the information can be sent to your mobile device in real time to let you know exactly what is happening in the nursery.  Above all, this new era of changing pad helps give parents piece of mind that their babies are growing properly by charting growth from weight gain and keeps a record of soiled diapers – the two best indicators that a baby is eating well.  As with other changing pads, the quilted fabric is soft for your baby’s delicate skin and can be easily removed for washing.  Pretty smart, right?

baby monitorHigh Tech Baby Monitor:  Baby monitors have been around for a long time but now they are savvier than ever.  With a range of options and features, some of the coolest monitors can sync with your mobile device so you can always see your baby in the nursery, even when you aren’t in the home.  The Izon monitor and several others operate from your in-home wifi and record to allow you to rewind and review moments from the past.  Also, many of them keep tabs on the temperature in your baby’s room and are motion and sound activated to alert you when your baby may need you.  Other neat features from the latest advances in baby monitors include night vision, two-way communication, music activation and a longer battery life.  If you’re going to have a baby monitor, it may as well meet all of your multi-functional needs.

4Moms infant tubThe Ultimate Infant Tub: Giving your baby a bath is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of new parenting.  Is the temperature right?  Did the baby urinate in the bath water?  Am I submerging the baby too much?  Take the fear out of bathing your little tot with this awesome infant tub, another cool invention by 4Moms.  From the upright comfort of your kitchen counter, this tub fits in your sink and constantly filters out old dirty bath water and replaces it with new clean water.  It digitally monitors water temperature with a color-coded display to ensure your baby never gets too hot or cold and has a cup-holder for rinsing baby easily.  And it retails for under $50.  This is a great gift for any new baby – or should we say, new parent.

baby thermometerBaby Thermometer:  The other fearful moment in a new parents’ life is when baby feels warm.  Determining if your baby has a fever and if the fever is severe enough to see a doctor or administer medication is serious.  The best infant thermometers give you several options for taking a fussy baby’s temperature including via a forehead swipe and the ear.  Some don’t need to touch your baby at all to accurately and quickly display your baby’s body temp.  There are even pacifier thermometers that gage your baby’s temperature while sucking.  Take the guess work out of fevers with a quality thermometer on your baby holiday wish list.

Now that we’ve covered the latest gadgets and gizmos to care for your baby, stay tuned for our next edition of our baby holiday gift guide when we’ll be sharing the best on-the-go baby items.