A Mother’s Love Travels from Generation to Generation

Like a cherished family heirloom, a mother’s love travels from generation to generation.  Although it is not tangible like a wedding gown passed from grandmother to mother to daughter, a mother’s unconditional love is woven in her children as part of their very beings and is then passed along to future generations in her family.

Parenting young children is a huge responsibility, not only in the present but also as your children grow into adolescents and adults and perhaps eventually start their own families.  How you parent your little loves now can have a big influence on the type of people they become.  The values, habits and traditions you instill in your kids are passed along to future generations too. As Mother’s Day approaches it’s a great time to think about the “gifts of self” your mother has given you and what you’re now passing down to your children.

Happy young mother with little daughter on field in summer dayA mother’s love encompasses so many gifts.  At the top of the list are values or a code of ethics by which to live.  Values guide families with a sense of conduct that is right and wrong and help them make endless personal decisions they face every day.  Values can include kindness, compassion, honesty, respect and peace, as well as challenge, knowledge, creativity, faith and optimism among many others.  When mothers model behaviors and actions that align with her values and incorporate them into how she raises her children, she is making a lasting impression.  As her daughter one day becomes a mother and her son a father, their families will continue to celebrate these same values.

Just as values are passed down to future generations, the same is true of habits and traditions.  Instilling healthy habits in your children is a wonderful way to help protect them and their eventual children down the road.  Healthful eating, regular exercise, personal hygiene, getting routine check-ups, avoiding toxins (including smoking and excessive drinking) and other healthy lifestyle habits are all aspects of healthy generations you can start right now with your kids.

Family traditions are a wonderful way to leave your legacy as a mother on your family.  Perhaps you are carrying on traditions from generations past and adding a few new ones for the next generations of your family.  Holding on to traditions connects us in invaluable ways: it helps us make lasting family memories, allows us to practice and celebrate our values, and they are comforting and meaningful.  While you may never meet your great-great-great-granddaughter, she will always hold a piece of you in her heart through family traditions.

Mothering today is actually mothering many future generations in your family.  A mother’s love literally “runs in the family.”  So make every day of motherhood count in shaping the lives of your children and generations to come.