A Mom’s Breastfeeding Tale of Keeping Her World Spinning

“I have three beautiful baby girls. My oldest just turned 2 in June and my twins are 7 months old.

My oldest was a big surprise for her daddy and me. At the time I knew nothing about breastfeeding. I had never seen it or even heard it be talked about. But seeing as I can be an overachiever and I was only nineteen when I got pregnant, I read a ton of books, asked a ton of questions and decided that I wanted to give it a go.  We had a hard time at first nursing, because she had a tongue tie which I had no idea even existed or what it was at the time. Even with all my reading and questions! I cracked and I bled. I hurt every time that I would nurse her. But after talking to the lactation consultant we figured out that the tongue tie was probably what had caused the troubles and she helped me and my baby relearn how to latch and eat.  I was blessed to get to nurse her for six and a half months, then my supply dried up due to working 8 to 16 hour shifts and not being able to pump or nurse during that time.

A Mom's Breastfeeding Tale of Keeping Her World SpinningWell when she was about 8 months old, we decided to start the journey for # 2. We got pregnant the first month that we tried and I knew that I was pregnant before any tests including a blood test at the doctor’s office would agree. I was super tired, super light headed, and nauseous and starving equally, and unable to stomach anything. Well I finally got home tests #23-30 to agree with what I already knew! My doctor got me in for an ultrasound right away because I was not yet regular with my periods and had been feeling sick and would be early, but no idea how early, he was worried about viability and safety. Well ultrasound showed I was only barely 5 weeks along. Late enough to see the sac and fetal pole but too early to see baby. Oh and I had a weird air bubble behind the baby. NO WAIT, THAT’S ANOTHER BABY!? CONGRATS IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE HAVING TWINS!!

Fast forward, babies got here a little over a month early but did not spend more than 8 hours in NICU. But still it was 8 hours before I got to hold my babies!!!!

I also had a rough start with the twins. They had trouble maintaining their temperature and sugars and they lost a bit of weight. I had to fight for my right to breast feed because the hospital did not believe it possible to nurse the twins and they get everything they needed. I had to put my foot down and tell them that I appreciated their concern and suggestions but I needed to try my way first and if it wasn’t working then I would follow their recommendations.

So I did kangaroo care with both babies and latched them every second I could and by the next morning they had gained, their temperature stayed better when I had them together with me and their sugars were fine. Since then for the most part it has been an easy go of it. My Supply has been amazing and stayed up, regardless of my poor eating or lack thereof. I have even managed to tandem nurse them and we have officially made it longer than I did with big sister.

My biggest challenge with the twins has been making sure I eat and drink enough.  And my little Emma is a lazy eater. About 75% of the time I have to hand express to encourage my letdown so that she will latch and stay latched. They still wake at least once or twice a night and their big sister wakes up during the night as well.

There are so many days when I am overwhelmed and want to cry. Because I’m in charge of all bill paying, grocery shopping, Dr’s and WIC appointments, housework, assisting my husband with managing his business, bathing and bedtime, making sure they all hit milestones on time and making sure the earth keeps spinning…ok maybe the last one was a little exaggerated. But just a little! I do make sure my own little world keeps functioning properly the best that I can.

I guess my point is that, it is not always easy, and you may start out not knowing anything at all. But with good support, a ton of education and a very stubborn personality it is possible to achieve your goals.”

A Brave Mom from the Southwest District Health-Nutrition and Health Promotion Services (WIC)