A few words from Temperance during Black Breastfeeding Week

We’re celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week in big ways! We’re donating bras to breastfeeding support groups nationwide to promote breastfeeding as the healthiest first-food choice for babies. We hope that raising awareness for breastfeeding will help normalize breastfeeding and improve breastfeeding rates in Black communities.

Our friends at Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE) did a Loving Moments photo shoot with attendees at their recent Breastfeeding Summit. Temperance was one of the lovely models, who is featured in our Seamless Padded Nursing Bra. She’s supporting breastfeeding for all the right reasons. Here’s what she has to say:


1) Why are you passionate about the breastfeeding cause?

Breastfeeding is a proven superior source of nutritional care. The benefits of breast milk for infants who are born healthy and those who may not have been born as strong are so undeniable that medial professionals can no longer doubt the superior benefits of it.

2) What is your most cherished breastfeeding moment?

Speaking to a mother about how she breastfed all of her children and how she did not have to go through the times of having sick babies, ear infections, etc and how they came to be valedictorians’ of their classes and their continued successes. Of course not all of their accomplishments were due to breastfeeding alone, BUT that mother realized that she started all her kids off with the best possible source of life, giving nutritional care which was her breast milk. She was so passionate when she was speaking because she was trying to explain to her own daughter, who is now a mother, why breast milk would be better than any formula she gave her baby.

3) What do you hope for the future of breastfeeding among African American communities?

That there is a greater understanding of breastfeeding both medically, emotionally and even physically for the mother. ..To remove the notion that it is “dirty” and “unnatural” and African American families can be more accepting and welcoming of its members who choose to breastfeed