A few words from Chelesa during Black Breastfeeding Week

We’re thrilled to celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week! This joyous event sheds light on the happiness, bonding, nurturing and nourishment that occurs during breastfeeding. The celebration also helps raise awareness for breastfeeding as the healthiest choice for babies. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this vital educational and jubilant event!

Our friends at Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE) held a Breastfeeding Summit recently and engaged several attendees in a Loving Moments photo shoot.  One of the beautiful models was Chelesa, featured here in our Loving Moments Seamless Crossover Nursing Bra. She’s sharing inspiration with all of us during Black Breastfeeding Week.

A few words from Chelesa during Black Breastfeeding Week

1) Why are you passionate about the breastfeeding cause?

I am passionate about breastfeeding because I have seen the amazing benefits of health, bonding, and higher IQ with my own children. I also love helping other mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals and seeing the moment both mother and baby find their breastfeeding groove.

2) What is your most cherished breastfeeding moment?

The first time my baby latched on in the delivery room after an emergency c-section. I felt good to be able to feed my baby even though my birth experience did not go as planned.

3) What do you hope for the future of breastfeeding among African American communities?

I hope that we understand the importance of breastfeeding not only for the benefits for the baby, but the impact it has on our health and the impact it has in our communities.