A few Words about Breastfeeding from Jessica

National Breastfeeding Month, World Breastfeeding Week and Black Breastfeeding Week may be over but our celebration of breastfeeding is never-ending. After all, breastfeeding has been taking place since the dawn of mammals and occurs all over the world anywhere at any time. Therefore, we have to continuously honor that tradition, right and sacred time with respect and reverence. While we’re especially enthusiastic to celebrate in August, we promote breastfeeding 24/7, 365!

One of the beautiful models from Reaching our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE), Jessica, shares her words of wisdom about breastfeeding:

A few Words about Breastfeeding from Jessica

1) Why are you passionate about the breastfeeding cause?

I am passionate about this cause because it directly affects the future of our world. What we pass to the next generation ensures of footprint in a better world.

2) What is your most cherished breastfeeding moment?

My most cherished moment is coming home after working 8 hours a day and then nurse my baby.

3) What do you hope for the future of breastfeeding among African American communities?

I hope that more women realize the power we have by choosing to do what we are made to do. Our breasts are made to satisfy our family. We are mother earth.