8 Ways to Pamper Yourself this Mother’s Day, with Baby in Tow

With a new baby attached to your hip (and sometimes breast) you may need to incorporate your little tot in your Mother’s Day plans.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to pamper yourself this Mother’s Day even with baby in tow.  Not sure how to do it?  Check out our list of things you can do on Mother’s Day with your baby:

Have an in-home spa or salon treatment:  Bringing your baby to a spa or salon is probably not your idea of relaxation.  With all the noise and smells, a hair cut or mani/pedi with your baby in tow probably wouldn’t go over too well.  If you’re due for a treatment, pay a little extra to have someone come to you for some much-needed pampering.  This way you can schedule it during your baby’s naptime, or at least if you have to tend to your baby every once in awhile it won’t be a big deal.

active mother joggingExercise:  Finding time to exercise can be hard but you should make a point to do it on Mother’s Day if working out is a stress-reliever for you.  You can incorporate your baby in a variety of physical activities including walking or jogging, water aerobics, yoga or baby weight lifting.  Your baby will have a blast being part of your exercise routine!

Garden:  Gardening is cathartic to many people and it is certainly a wonderful springtime activity.  Enjoy time with your baby while you garden by letting her dig in the dirt alongside you.  Studies show it’s actually good for babies to be exposed to natural bacteria found in soil.  Show your baby how to dig holes and drop in colorful bulbs.  Sharing your passion for gardening with your baby can be a lifelong hobby you partake in together.

Have a playdate with your friends and their kids:  Since most people will reserve Mother’s Day for family time, invite a close friend over to play with her kids.  Spending time with mom friends while also hanging out with your baby is a terrific way to celebrate on Mother’s Day.  Perhaps dads can even take care of the meal to let moms sit back and relax with the kiddos.

Visit a museum:  Mother’s Day is a super day to visit a museum you’ve wanted to explore.  Even if it isn’t meant for kids, you can describe the exhibits to your baby to keep her engaged and entertained.  She may learn a few things from the cultural experience too.  Just be sure to check on the hours of operation as some museums aren’t open on Sundays and some will be closed for Mother’s Day.

Read:  Reading may be a hobby you have little time for these days.  Pick up where you left off in your favorite novel this Mother’s Day and read it aloud to your baby.  You can do this while holding your little one or while she’s bouncing about in her favorite chair.  Although she won’t know what you’re reading about, hearing a diversity of words will help her eventual language development.

Take a bubble bath:  Remember when you used to lounge in a luxurious bubble bath for relaxation?  Now you’re probably lucky if you catch a 2-minute shower everyday.  Pamper yourself this Mother’s Day with a bubble bath with your baby.  Use baby-safe bubble soap and plop your baby in the tub with you.  She’ll surely love getting to bathe with mommy as you spend quality time together in the suds.

Pick up from your favorite restaurant:  A romantic dinner with your hubby may be out of the question but you can still enjoy your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant.  Pre-order and pick up the food for a fun family dinner in your own private dining room.

We hope you take advantage of some of these ideas to include your baby as you pamper yourself this Mother’s Day!