8 Ways to Help Decongest your Baby

When your baby is congested, her sweet coos may sound more like a cargo truck as she struggles to breathe through her nose.  While it may or may not bother your baby to have the sniffles, it’s always better to try to clear congestion.  Today we’re sharing 8 ways to help decongest your baby.

1 – Saline Drops

Saline drops help thin out the mucus clogged in your baby’s nose so it will drain easier.  You can buy drops meant for infants and toddlers that have a small nose nozzle or you can put the saline solution it in a bulb syringe.  Your baby may not care for the process, but it will likely help when combined with other decongestion measures.

2 – Breastfeed

Breastfeeding helps give your baby phenomenal nutrients including antibodies that will help strengthen her immune system.  Also, drinking breast milk will keep your baby hydrated, which is critical for relieving congestion.  You’ll probably both enjoy the extra snuggles during sick days.  Be sure to find a comfortable nursing position for your baby that allows her maximum breathability while breastfeeding.

3 – Cool Mist Vaporizer

Cool mist is best for breaking up nasal congestion.  It adds moisture to the air, which is what your baby’s little nosey needs.  Steam works as well if you only have a warm mist humidifier or you can run a hot shower and sit in the bathroom while your baby breathes in the steam.

8 ways to decongest baby__1452884262_50.243.196.1794 – Remove the Mucus

Chances are, your baby isn’t going to blow nicely into a tissue.  Aggressively removing your baby’s mucus helps keep airways clear although your baby may despise it.  Most parents either love or hate the bulb syringe.  Here are some alternatives to removing the mucus:

  • Wet cotton swab
  • Boogie wipes
  • Nasal aspirator (like snotsucker or other similar products)
  • Oogiebear nose cleaner

5 – Pat your Baby’s Back and Give a Nasal Massage

Help your baby break up some of the congestion by giving her a few love pats on her back.  Then gently massage her nasal cavities from the outside just around the bridge of her nose and nostrils.  This may encourage the mucus to loosen up and eventually drain.

6 – Prop your Baby

Place a slender pillow beneath your baby’s mattress to slightly prop her up for easier breathing while she is sleeping.  This relief can make the different between a restful night and being up several times with an uncomfortable baby.  Never place a pillow in the crib with your baby if she’s less than 12 months as this could be a suffocation hazard.

7 – Give Probiotics

Consult your pediatrician about giving your baby probiotics to help boost her immune system during times of congestion.  Probiotics are typically safe for most babies and can be diluted in a bottle of expressed breast milk.

8 – Use Onions

This may seem strange but it can really work.  Slice an onion and place it near your baby’s crib.  The sulfur from this odoriferous vegetable can draw out mucus and other unwanted fluids from your baby’s nose.  It may not smell pleasant but your baby probably won’t even notice.

We hope these 8 ways to decongest your baby help quickly clear up your baby’s sniffles!