8 Reasons You Need Easy-to-Use Nursing Bras this Spring

Spring is the time to get out and enjoy beautiful weather and new activities.  When you’re breastfeeding, simplicity and functionality are essential for enjoying springtime with your baby.  Forget the hassle of trying to make-do with your regular bras.  Head to Walmart or Walmart.com for Loving Moments’ easy-to-use nursing bras this spring.

Still not convinced you need easy-to-use nursing bras in your bra wardrobe?  Here are 8 reasons you do:

Reason #1:  Nursing bras are a snap…literally. 

The drop-down cups on our nursing bras have one-handed snap clasps that are a cinch to use.  Lifting your whole bra or having to remove your bra to breastfeed isn’t necessary with this simple feature.

Reason #2:  Nursing bras offer great support. 

When you’re breastfeeding your breasts may be larger and heavier than usual.  A supportive nursing bra is vital to keeping your breasts lifted to avoid uncomfortable sagging and tension across your shoulders and back.

L347-Pink-Gingham-prod-page_230x303Reason #3:  Nursing bras are super comfortable. 

Not only do they give you that great support we just mentioned, but they are also designed for a mother’s ultimate comfort with features like lightly padded cups and straps and delightful fabrics.

Reason #4:  Nursing bras offer flexibility for your changing breasts. 

With multiple hook-and-eye closures, adjustable straps and fabric blends that include slightly stretchy spandex, nursing bras adapt to your milk fluctuations throughout the day and over the course of your breastfeeding journey.

Reason #5:  Nursing bras look great under your clothes. 

You may feel your breasts aren’t their normal shape and probably not their normal size.  A properly fitting contoured nursing bra ensures a beautiful silhouette for your favorite springtime outfits.

Reason #6:  Nursing bras are offered in styles for every occasion. 

The bra you wear to work is probably not the one you want to wear to the gym or on a swanky night out.  Nursing bras come in a variety of styles to meet your lifestyle needs for every activity, day and night.

Reason #7:  Nursing bras are made of soft, breathable fabrics. 

Spring calls for easy breezing clothes and that includes your bras.  Don’t get caught in the heat in heavy bra materials that trap moisture and itch.  Select nursing bras with flexible light fabrics that will keep you cool and dry this spring.

Reason #8:  Nursing bras are stylish.  No really, they are!

New moms want to wear the same stylish bras while breastfeeding that they did pre-baby.  That’s why we offer a variety of styles, colors and patterns that suit every mama’s tastes and keeps her looking chic, sweet, cute and sassy.

We hope now you are convinced that easy-to-use nursing bras are the right choice for spring.  Head on over to Walmart or Walmart.com for our complete Loving Moments collection.