6 Ways to Thank your Nurses in the Hospital

6 ways to thank nurses__1455554119_108.89.137.58The nurses that support you during labor, delivery and postpartum care come in and out of your life so quickly.  Although your time with them is fleeting, they have helped you in a ways that can’t even compare to your closest friends and family.  From checking every inch of your body and changing your bed sheets, to encouraging you throughout labor and helping you navigate early breastfeeding, your nurses do an incredible job of taking care of you for the short period you are passing through the hospital.  And that calls for a big thank you.  But how can you meaningfully thank your nurses in the hospital?  We have six fun ideas here:

1 – Food

You really cannot go wrong with food.  You can provide a spread of cookies, fruits, bagels, doughnuts or pastries for the entire nursing staff, or you can provide something more personal, such as chocolates or a small gift basket for those who directly helped you most.  Nurses tend to work long shifts so any treats to get them through their day are always greatly appreciated.

2 – Coffee

Along the same line as food, really good coffee is a highly desired commodity when you’re working long and late hours.  After all, don’t you want your middle-of-the-night nurse to be on top of her game?  Chances are the hospital provides the same quality coffee that most offices do, which is sub-par at best.  Bring in a delicious bag of ground coffee beans for your nurses to brew on the job.  You may notice they are a bit perkier the next day, thanks to your generous gift.

3 – Hand Sanitizer

Ok, we all know there are hand-sanitizer units all over hospitals including in your room.  But when your nurse leaves the hospital, she’s probably just as concerned about avoiding germs.  Help her do so with a really nice bottle of hand sanitizer.  We’re not talking about the average ones you can get at the grocery store. Spring for a nice, fragrant bottle that will keep her germ-free and smelling great off the clock.

4 – Survival Kit

They helped you “survive” giving birth, now you can help them get through their shift.  Pack a few survival kits for your nurses that include items like gum, mints, eye drops, body spray, comfy socks, hair ties, a water bottle and some trail mix.  You can include anything that you think they may want to keep on hand to help them as they are working hard for new moms like you.

5 – A Keepsake Sign

Your nurse would feel super appreciated with a nice sign she can hang in her workspace or at home.  The sign can be a quote or just kind words about the value of nurses.  This is an easy do-it-yourself project as you are winding down in pregnancy.  Using a small canvas or cardstock, you can type, print or use adhesive letters to create several signs to hand out throughout your time at the hospital.

6 – A Heartfelt Thank-You Note

Bring along a stack of blank thank you notes to write to each of your nurses at the hospital.  Chances are you will see at least 8 to 10 nurses throughout your stay.  Write something personal about how your nurses helped you in your labor, delivery and postpartum experience.  It will warm their hearts to read your kind words.  Also, send a follow-up letter or email to your nurses’ supervisors praising their amazing service.  This goes a long way and may help their careers as well.  More than anything, your nurses probably appreciate a heartfelt “thank you” most of all.