6 Ways to Make Your Baby a Valentine

When you have a new baby, Valentine’s Day may feel a little different than years past.  You may not be headed out for a fancy, romantic dinner in your sexiest dress, but you can still have a fun Valentine’s Day by incorporating your baby.  Yes, your sweet, adorable, squishy, kissable baby can become a Valentine for you and your partner.  Here are 6 ways to make your baby a Valentine:

Dress your baby like a Valentine:  Your baby may be particular but she probably is not a diva about her wardrobe yet.  This opens the perfect opportunity for you to dress her as a Valentine.  There are many possibilities ranging from cupid costumes to hearts.  You can create a custom bodysuit with a special personal message to your love from you or your baby herself.  Newborn Baby Girl Wearing a "Love" HatOr you can use tootoos, bows, hats, headbands, ties, shirts with adorable sayings and bibs to dress your baby like a Valentine.  The sky’s the limit so have fun dressing up your cute baby Valentine.

Write a love note on your baby’s diaper:  You and your partner may be used to finding surprises in your baby’s diaper, but what about on it?  Write short love note on your baby’s diaper and then let your partner take care of the next diaper change.  He’ll be delighted to find a pleasant surprise along with any other gifts your baby may leave him.  This sweet way to deliver a message will surely have your hubby laughing and feeling quite loved by both of you.

Make a Valentine using your baby’s hand and footprints:  Artist or not, you can easily use your baby’s precious hands and feet to create a beautiful Valentine’s card or framed artwork for your love.  Dip your baby’s hands and/or feet into red paint and print them on paper, cardstock or canvas.  Get creative with your printing.  You can make a butterfly’s wings using hand and foot prints, a love tree or shape your baby’s fingers into a heart.  This keepsake Valentine will be treasured for years to come.

Do a Valentine’s photo shoot with your baby:  Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to take some professional or amateur baby photos.  Using fun props like hearts, a cupid’s bow, roses, balloons, teddy bears, baskets, banners and anything else you desire, you can create a fabulous backdrop for your baby photos.  If you are taking the photos yourself, solicit some help as setting up shots with an infant can be quite difficult, especially if you expect smiles.  Spend a few minutes surfing the internet for ideas that you can try to replicate.

Leave red kisses all over your baby’s body:  It’s not difficult to kiss your baby’s smooth, soft skin.  On Valentine’s Day, you can use your kisses to send a message to your love.  Apply bright red lipstick, preferably an all-natural hypo-allergenic brand.  Then kiss your baby leaving lip marks all over her sweet body.  You can leave her naked or dress her and let your husband discover all of the kisses you’ve left for him.  Be sure to take lots of photos and show your baby her kissy body in the mirror.  She won’t know it’s her but she will probably love seeing all the red lips on some other baby’s body.

Have your baby deliver personalized Valentines:  Giving a Valentine’s Day present is sweet, but having it delivered by your very own cupid is even better.  Strategically stage your baby with your gift – a bouquet of balloons, a box of chocolates, a jewelry box or whatever else you may have bought for your Valentine.  Get your husband’s attention and lure him to your baby to find the surprise you have waiting for him.  He’ll surely love the gift and the messenger even more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!