6 Clever Ways to Store Frozen Breast Milk

Freezing your breast milk is a wonderful way to ensure your baby has the very best nutrition on the planet.  Your baby may drink stored milk on a regular basis, occasionally or you may be saving up milk for a trip away from baby or an emergency situation.  Whatever the case may be for you you’ve probably come to realize: freezing breast milk can take up quite a bit of space in your freezer and it can be difficult to find the oldest portion.  Today we’re looking at six clever ways to store frozen breast milk.

1)  Glass Storage Bottles

Small milk bottles or canning jars are a terrific way to store frozen breast milk.  Glass preserves the nutritional integrity of breast milk better than plastic because it is less porous and therefore not as susceptible to contamination.  Glass containers may take up more space but it’s worth it if your baby is consuming daily portions of frozen breast milk.

2)  Color Coding

Using those colorful round stickers you often see at garage sales, develop a color coded system that corresponds to the dates of your stored frozen breast milk bags.  If you know you are only looking for a bag with a certain color dot, it will be much easier to whip out milk when you need it.  Keep the color chart posted on your freezer door so other caregivers will have access to it.

3)  Re-sealable Gallon Storage Bags

This is an easy trick for keeping breast milk bags organized by date.  Put all of your pumped milk into individual sterilized bags and then put the bags for each week into a re-sealable gallon storage bag.  This not only offers double sealed protection, but it also makes it easier to find the oldest dated bags.

clever ways to store breast milk4)  Storage Bins

Clever moms have found all sorts of ways to store frozen breast milk in “shingles.”  First, you have to freeze your breast milk bags onto a flat surface.  We recommend using something already in your freezer such as an ice cream carton or frozen waffle box.  Once the breast milk is solid, it will be flat (like a shingle) and easier to store.  Then your storage options are numerous.  You can use anything from a plastic bins to shoe boxes to store your milk in date order.  One super creative mom uses a gift bag with a slit at the bottom.  The newest milk goes on top and she has easy access to slip out the oldest milk from the bottom.  Brilliant!

5) Ice Cube Trays

This idea is great for storing small portions of breast milk.  Sterilize an ice cube tray and then fill each cube slot with breast milk.  Cover it and freeze the cubes.  Once they are frozen you can store them in sealable bags and defrost them as needed.

6)  Breast Milk Storage Unit

You can also buy a breast milk storage unit that stacks your milk bags and allows access to the oldest date at the bottom.

We hope you find our clever ways to store frozen breast milk tips helpful!