Baby Names

Picking the name of your future child is pretty overwhelming. Not only do you want to like the way it sounds but you want it to have meaning; and you want it to be unique; and you want it to have something to do with the seasons; and you want it to come with a cute nickname; and you want no one else in Mommy & Me to have it. That’s a long list to fill and chances are you’ll come up with a bunch that you love and your partner does not, and vice versa.

Honestly, with all the options out there, it can be a little stressful. Not to mention the fact that all your relatives, friends, new acquaintances, and basically anyone that knows your pregnant will be offering up their own ideas. It never hurts to be open to their thoughts but remember that the choice comes down to you and your spouse. Begin discussing the topic immediately and it wouldn’t hurt to set some initial rules to stick to. Also, keep a list of names you love that you can continue adding to as your pregnancy progresses!

Here are some thinks to keep in mind when considering your future child’s name:


baby namesWell-matched Sound:

It is important to choose a name that flows agreeably with your last name. More often than not, long first names sound better with short last names. Likewise, short first names sound better with long last names. Try to avoid puns and a first name that rhymes with your last name. They may be fun for the first couple days but your child will be forced to stick with it for the rest of their life.


Friends and Family:

Many children are named after a close family member or friend and this can give you a relatively decent sized list to consider. However, never allow yourself to be pressured into choosing a name you and your partner don’t like. Listen to everyone’s ideas and decide on your own time; and don’t tell anyone the name until after your baby is born.



Not many people will immediately know the meaning of your child’s name but that does not mean it can’t play a part in helping you choose. Search some name indexes and try your best to stick to the positive. Your little one may not be happy to learn their handsome name Braxton actually means: “from a brown farm”.



A unique name choice can help your child stand out from the traditional crowd of normal names. Yet, it is important to remember that a name that is hard to pronounce may bring unwanted attention. Try and find an appropriate balance: if you have a traditional last name, try an interesting first, and vice versa.



An ugly or cruel nickname has the capability to follow a child all throughout school so consider any potential issues with your name choice. Do your best to rule out anything obvious and remember that just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean one of your child’s classmates won’t.



Ancestors make up who we are and some parents find it fun to explore their past and choose a name to mirror this. Frequently, the names discovered will end up serving as ideal middle names.


Remember, these guidelines are not set in stone. The only real thing that matters is that you and your partner agree upon a name you truly love.