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This is what it’s like for me to go out as a Breastfeeding Mom

This is what it’s like for me to go out as a Breastfeeding MomWhen you’re a breastfeeding mom, almost everything revolves around breastfeeding. As the only food source for another precious human being, your job as a breastfeeder is a big responsibility and one that is demanding and time-consuming. Of course your other duties don’t all-of-the-sudden disappear just because you’re breastfeeding. Nope, not the way it works. You’re now juggling all of life’s responsibilities through a new lens. That’s what makes breastfeeding one of the many aspects of motherhood that is simultaneously the best and hardest job in the world.

But wait, here’s another curveball: what if you want to go somewhere without your baby? When you’re a breastfeeding mom getting out without your baby is hard and I’m not just talking about finding a trustworthy babysitter.

I’m very “Type A” so schedules are important to me. I so admire moms with a more carefree spirit that appear to have an easier time “going with the flow” when it comes to breastfeeding, sleep and all aspects of motherhood. My personality made feeding on demand particularly difficult and my now 9-month-old son’s resistance to adhere to my desired sleep schedule was incredibly frustrating. Yes, I realize babies are tiny humans with their own agendas and opinions. But he came from my womb so doesn’t he appreciate schedules too? It took awhile but now we’re seeing more eye-to-eye on this issue.

Finally my baby is on a pretty good schedule of eating and sleeping although sometimes we adjust it as necessary if we’re having an outside the routine kind of day. Even with a schedule that I initiated, my life as a breastfeeding mom is broken down into 2½ hour chunks of time between feedings. Meaning if my baby is going to have something to eat, I have to be physically with him every 2½ hours or I have to pump.  Gone are my “me days” of wandering joyously and aimlessly around 100+ stores at an outlet mall or going on day trips to the mountains to hike to beautiful waterfalls…at least for awhile. It’s all part of the sacrifices of motherhood. I certainly miss my freedom, but I’m not complaining because I get so many rewards in exchange.

It’s a good thing I’m a planner because planning is such a part of my experience as a breastfeeding mom. I work part-time, I have a 5-year-old son, and my husband likes spending adult time with me (occasionally at least). So when I’m working, hanging out with my older son without the baby, and going on a date with my husband, I’m constantly planning around breastfeeding and pumping. It is often a big puzzle I’m working out in my mind and it can be exhausting, especially when I’m the only one focused on the details and the rest of motherhood must go on too.

When I’m away from my baby during the day I try to pump before I leave the house, however that’s not always possible. Sometimes the pump comes along for the ride and I find myself pumping in carpool line or at karate practice. It’s caused me to spill milk more times than I care to admit and it’s rather stressful and awkward, but it’s what needs to be done.

When I’m going on a date with my husband, I plan my entire day around it because I not only have to plan for breastfeeding, I also want to look halfway decent. I am a stickler for the schedule those days to ensure we leave on time. I chip away at getting myself ready throughout the day. Between one set of feedings I may take a shower, the next I’ll do my makeup, then later I’ll make dinner for my older son and puree for the baby.

As soon as the baby finishes his evening feeding and I put him down for the night, I’m rushing off to pump before heading out. I try to pump before leaving because I know I’ll be tired and ready for bed when we return. (As all parents understand, another freedom lost in parenthood is sleeping in on weekends, or ever!  My baby is the most adorable alarm clock I’ve ever met and incredibly reliable for my 6 a.m. daily wakeup call.)

Sometimes I choose not to go out because it’s just too much work and the thought of preparing for a night out is exhausting. As much as I like a nice meal that I don’t have to cook or seeing a movie in a theater, some days I simply cannot handle the details that it would require for me to make that happen. I’m OK with that sacrifice because I truly believe in breastfeeding. In my world it’s an added challenge but one that I accept wholeheartedly. No one is twisting my arm, no one guilted me into it. It’s the choice I make because I believe breastfeeding is the best for my baby, for me and my family. Whether I choose to stay in or venture out without the baby and juggle everything that entails, I always feel great about my choice to breastfeed.

Written by Erin, Loving Moments Brand Ambassador

Organizing Tips from Real Moms like You

Organizing Tips from Real Moms like YouWhen it comes to organizing your busy home the tips that are most helpful are those that are practical for your everyday life. That’s why we asked real moms like you their best organizing tips. As everyone resolves to be a little more organized in the New Year, take these pointers from moms who are in your shoes:

Amber Christiansen Beltran  Getting kids on a schedule for nap/quiet time and bed time. This makes nap time easier because it’s predictable and bedtime is less of a fight when they know what to expect. I’m able to get many other things done, helping me stay more organized during nap time and when kids are in bed early

Stephanie Smith  Best tip… Hmm franticly pick up accumulated dirty dishes while the newborn naps!! Lol
Seriously though I always make sure to empty the dishwasher right away so when they do pile up and I have 10 min I can throw all the dirty ones in! I also at least rinse out my pots and pans after cooking so they aren’t a caked on mess to wash later!

Amanda Ledford  Get the family involved. Mom isn’t the only one who can make a house run efficiently. Our family is a team.

Craig Brennan  It seems old school, but we use post-its to organize everything in our lives 🙂 Oh, and a label maker is essential!

Tiff Adkins  My best tip is to prioritize in order of necessity.. that way if I don’t get the last item done on my list, the most important ones are out of the way.. I also make sure to write down all my appointments and special events on the calendar! 🙂

Jimeika Brown  Having a routine or schedule! I exclusively nurse and as my LO got older we formed a routine that has always worked for us. I’m able to cook, clean, take care of business…all while working around nursing on demand. Going on 8 months and it just gets easier.

Ariel De La Pena  Best tip for me as a working mother is getting everything prepped the night before. My lunch, my 5 year old school stuff, my pumping kit, and my 6 month olds diaper bag. Having it all ready to just grab and go in the morning makes it so easy to run out the door.

Alisha Horst  I do a load of laundry every day, so that it doesn’t pile up. Also use lots of lists on my phone to add to for groceries and cleaning

 Chloe Meera  My tip is only put one extra thing on my plate each day, besides the musts like eat sleep and feed baby

Jessica Bowman  I have 3 calendars, and reminders set on my phone for school, work, chores, events, and pumping breast milk -not kidding! I have a spread sheet on my PC that I print for logging needed grocery items, and have created menus for the month so there is minimal waste, I can coordinate crockpot meals for busy days, and no kid is left asking “what’s for supper?”:

Courtney Sayer Bates  A great organizing tip I got from my mom is to leave extra room to grow. Meaning that when you’re organizing things into containers, don’t match your space to perfectly fit what’s going in it. Instead get a container slightly bigger than what it needs to hold. That way there is room to grow, and things can be tossed in there when you’re in a hurry without worrying it all won’t fit.

Leah Bogdanovich  Checklists! I can’t tell you how much I love the little notepad app on my iPhone and how it syncs with all my apple things! I would never know what needs buying or what to do if it weren’t for my digital checklists!!

Amanda Jobe Glass  I always use a calendar and prioritize in order of importance. We block off 1 night a week where we have no outside activities after school for tidying up the house and everyone helps – even the 4 yr old can do some basic tasks!

Nicole Pyle  My best organizing tip is to use every moment of my son’s nap to do household chores!

Kelly Hert My tip: do one thing every day. Example: laundry one day, dusting the next, vacuum the 3rd day.

Kelsey Griggs  The best way to keep bills organized: I write a check as soon as a bill comes in, I write the date it needs to be sent where the stamp goes, Put it on a clip on the fridge, so I know when to put the stamp on and send it off.

Kyra Stolworthy I’m not sure why they say nap when your kids do because honestly that’s when I get everything done! Lol! So organizing my time when they are sleeping works better for me. One of my new organizing for school year I got a basket in my fridge for cold lunch things and snacks and baskets in the cabinet for after school snacks!! Portion bags work the best!!

Mercedes Rummel My best organizing tip is downloading the notes app on your phone. It lets you color code and prioritize to do lists, send them by text or email, and stores them. I have a list for groceries, baby items, to do list, even bills. It’s a life saver to keep me organized and it’s free and you don’t loose your notes!!

Monique Bias My best tip…don’t sweat the small stuff…try not to put off for tomorrow what can be done today…take time to breathe through each step of the process of elimination while completing tasks. Live a little.

Lindsay Christie  Plan ahead! Have clothes planned out before you actually need to get ready. And for me I need to plan to leave 30 min before actual departure time! I have 3 small children 🙂

Sara Permenter  I am a label machine freak and I love plastic totes. Every season of my kids clothes are labeled and stored in perfect space saving totes\vacuum sealed bags to keep things organized and easy to find. They are stacked in the garage. I also love my calendar and post it notes on the fridge. Old school 🙂 plus with my twin girls on the way I need to be as organized and space conscious as possible.

Alyssa Shepherd  I get up before my husband and baby so I can get some cleaning done and enjoy my coffee since the baby doesn’t usually let me put her down during the day.

Isoline Daniels  I’m a stay at home mom . Feeding my baby on demand helps a lot. I don’t need to look at the time, just follow your instincts with baby.

 Anna Kohler  I always make sure the dishes are done and kitchen is clean before I go to bed. It’s really nice to wake up to an empty sink!

Annastasia Marie  Checklists are the best. Also, I like to try to do a few small tasks a day so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

Julie Dorner  Meal planning to make shopping trips more productive, and making enough for multiple meals when I do cook!

Tasha Miller  I write down notes to myself everywhere!! With a toddler and an 11-week-old I’d never remember anything unless it’s written down!

Lindsay Bernardi  My best tip is to marry somebody who is organized….if it weren’t for my spouse chaos would ensue!

Tina Horneck  I write everything down on our family calendar. But it also helps to stay calm and not stress when changes happen.

Bay Bay  l work all night get home at 5 a.m. I breastfeed full time, pump at work and have 3 boys – My oldest is 8, my middle is 4 and my youngest is 5 months. On top of cooking, cleaning, & working I have 13 different alarms… 3 for each one and I keeps notes on my iPhone 7 for each event, to do, & when bills are due. I try to prep and deep clean on Sundays before work days & school!!!!

Silver Walker  I keep a bin with diapers, wipes and nursing stuff in a few rooms which is helpful and utilize baby-wearing.

Amy Hart  While I’m cooking I like to clean the countertops or sweep the floors.

Dana Shardy  Check-list! I have several running. One for home, one for work and one for what needs to be done before the baby gets here!

Ashley Fay  My phone calendar. I would be lost without it. I use it to track my pumping and milk donations on top of all my other daily tasks.

Natalie Christine 1) We keep lists of everything so that we do not forget to complete a task. I can’t count the number of times we came home from grocery shopping and forgot to purchase half of the things we needed!
2) Use a money management/budgeting app.
3) Meal plan!

4) De-clutter regularly!

5) Refrain from buying things just because they are a bargain! I once purchased 15 bottles of BBQ because they were a steal, LOL!

Deidrinelle Rouse Moton I’m currently too busy enjoying the time with my little guy to organize life. Besides, every time I pick up after him, he’s dumping a bucket of toys behind my back. #iwillorganizewhenhegoestocollege #babynumbertwoiscomingsoon

Alycia Weems Best tip for organizing?! Let go of the little stuff!!

Eula Mei A  Organize your diaper bag wig other small bags/compartments

Wynette Robinson  A place for everything and everything in its place. I’m home all day with my 14 year old son who home schools and my 3 month old baby boy. We’ve made it a habit of always putting things back as soon as we’re done. We also clean the kitchen as we cook.

Pamela Reiss Gentzle  With infant twins and a toddler, we put a white board for quick notes and reminders.

Thanks to all our Loving Moments Facebook fans who contributed their best organizing tips!

Seamless Nursing Cami

As the song and saying goes, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” And as a pregnant and nursing mom you know the motto still applies. But moms can’t have fun unless they look good and feel good. Looking good and feeling good – about how you look and how comfortable you are – have never been easier than with our Loving Moments Seamless Nursing Cami.

Seamless Nursing Cami

A basic maternity or nursing cami is essential for all expectant and new moms. Regardless of the weather, a nursing cami helps ensure you’re always comfortable and always ready to breastfeed once your little one arrives. Our Seamless Nursing Cami features an inner sling and underbust zones for extra breast support and is so comfortable you may never wear anything else before or after your baby!

During pregnancy your tops may start to feel snug at the bust and belly at some point in your first trimester or early in your second trimester. That’s the ideal time to look for comfortable wardrobe options that transition from maternity to nursing like our Seamless Nursing Cami. This silky smooth top stretches to accommodate your growing breasts and belly. Then when your baby arrives, this incredible nursing cami offers the flexibility your body needs as your breasts continue to change with milk production.

The flattering cut and smoothing fabric will keep you tucked and stylish throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. During both of these periods it is not unusual for moms to have hormonal hot flashes or break out in a sweat no matter what time of day or season it may be. When you’re wearing our Seamless Nursing Cami as a stand-alone top or a layering piece, you’re always prepared for those unexpected moments when you just need to cool down. The lightweight fabric allows you to breathe while still maintaining stretchy support for your bump and breasts.

Girls just can’t have fun if they don’t look good and feel good. And we know you just wanna have fun during pregnancy and with your new bundle of joy. Get comfortable, stay supported, and have fun in our Seamless Nursing Cami!

Reasons to Give Thanks for Baby’s First Year

As a mom to a baby there’s a host of all new things to be grateful for this year. Raising a child can be trying, especially in the first years of infancy and toddlerhood. Despite the temporary struggles, babies bring so much joy into a home. Today we’re sharing our list of reasons to give thanks for baby’s first year.

Health: Health probably tops the list of reasons to give thanks for baby’s first year. Perhaps you’ve had some bumps in the road – a difficult birth, colic in the first few months, several ear infections – but children are resilient. A child’s lifelong journey to good health begins with the wonderful breast milk you are providing. There is no greater gift than health and a healthy start through breastfeeding is one that comes directly from the heart.

Reasons to Give Thanks for Baby’s First YearBonding: Spending cuddly loving moments with your baby is just about the best part of being a new parent. Your baby depends on you for everything and precious bonding during this critical period of emotional growth and security helps ensure a strong relationship throughout your child’s life. When your baby becomes more mobile as a toddler, eventually heads off to school, and then grows into an adolescent, these baby bonding days will be cherished times and the fondest memories.

Firsts: Your baby has accomplished so much in the first year as she becomes aware of the sights, sounds, people, tastes and objects around her. You’ve probably seen your baby roll, sit up, crawl and cut a few teeth by the end of her first year. She’s surely tasted several foods and may be popping out some words already. Plus she’s keenly aware of her family unit and is expressing thoughts and feelings in her own unique way. These amazing firsts in your baby’s development are a fantastic reason to be thankful this year.

Smiles: Nothing melts your heart like your baby’s smile. In the first year you’ve seen her mouth go from a subtle curl to full-out laughter as she spreads joy through her beaming smile. You may work hard for those smiles, doing silly things or just being present with your baby, so go ahead and give thanks for those toothy or toothless grins.

Curiosity: Seeing the world through your baby’s eyes can make you see the wonderment of it all. Your baby’s innocent curiosity is one of her most sacred traits and one to be thankful for every time you witness it. This is how your baby will experience and learn about her environment and grow into the incredible person she’s destined to be.

Personal Growth: As a new parent you’re adding a new role to your resume, or as a veteran parent with a new baby you’ve promoted your responsibilities. Having a baby offers personal growth in many areas, from multi-tasking and learning the best ways to parent, to overcoming challenges and navigating changing family dynamics. While personal growth may be a struggle at times, especially when you’re lacking sleep, it can make you a more compassionate, patient, loving person in the end.

Fulfillment: Adding a tiny person to your family brings a sense of fulfillment to your life. Children offer meaning to your life like nothing else in the world. When you feel full of happiness and pride in your family, it’s a fantastic reason to be thankful.

What reasons to give thanks for baby’s first year are you celebrating this Thanksgiving?

Thankful for Loving Moments Photo Contest – Nursing Bra Giveaway

Thankful for Loving Moments Photo Contest – Nursing Bra GiveawayThere’s no doubt you have much to be thankful for this year, especially with a baby in your home. Between their adorable expressions and their innocent curiosity, babies remind us to give thanks in many ways. We know your heart is full of love for your little nursling and we bet your camera is too.

Capture your “Loving Moments” with your baby and share them with us for a chance to win a new nursing bra from the Loving Moments by Leading Lady collection. Our Thankful for Loving Moments photo contest begins today, November 21 and will wrap up on Sunday, November 27. During this week you can submit photos of your “Loving Moments” on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #LovingMoments for a chance to win this awesome nursing bra giveaway. Check out the details and official rules below.

Thankful for Loving Moments Photo Contest

Dates: Monday, November 21 – Sunday, November 27

How to Enter:  Share a photo of a Loving Moment with your baby on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram + tag Loving Moments + use the hashtag #LovingMoments. (Only entries tagged using the # will be considered.)

Tag Loving Moments on Facebook: @LovingMomentsBras.

Tag Loving Moments on Twitter @LovingMomentsBr.

Tag Loving Moments on Instagram @LovingMomentsBras.

What You’ll Win: 5 winners will be selected and announced on Sunday, November 27. These lucky mamas will receive the nursing bra of her choice from the Loving Moments by Leading Lady collection.

Additional Information: Photos submitted may be shared by Loving Moments on all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instragram) and our Mommy Moments blog regardless of where they were originally posted. By submitting a photo, you agree to allow us to use it across channels.

Giveaway Rules & Regulations:

  • Entries will be accepted during the specified timeframe only. Entries submitted outside the contest window will not be considered.
  • Winners are selected at the discretion of Loving Moments by Leading Lady.
  • 5 winners will be selected to receive one prize each.
  • Failure to claim prize within 10 days of notification will result in forfeiture of prize.
  • Prizes subject to availability based on winner’s size, color and product selection. If the preferred prize is not available, the winner can make another selection.
  • May not be combined with any other coupon code offers.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Please allow up to 21 days for shipping after a prize has been selected.
  • Not valid with previous or future purchases.
  • Giveaway may be discontinued at anytime without notice.

Good luck!


What to Expect from your Baby’s First Thanksgiving Part 2

What to Expect from your Baby’s First Thanksgiving Part 2We’re back with part 2 on what to expect from your baby’s first Thanksgiving. We’ve already talked about covering your baby’s basic needs – food, sleep and supplies. Today we’re diving deeper into tips for situations that may arise during your holiday so it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Tip #5: Separation Anxiety and Stranger Danger

Separation anxiety is a typical part of infancy. Being in a new environment and around many people, some of them complete strangers, may amplify your baby’s attachment to you during the holiday. As much as you may want a moment to visit with guests and want them to experience your baby up-close and personal, don’t force your baby to go to others if it upsets her. Ask friends and family to give her space if she’s having a hard time adjusting. This is probably not the right time to push your baby to break through separation anxiety.

Tip #6: Watch for Hazards

Being in a new environment for your Thanksgiving gathering may present some hazards for your baby. First, it’s important to keep a close eye on your baby, especially if she’s crawling, cruising or walking.  Avoid areas with drapes, tablecloths, fireplaces, candles or breakables that your baby could pull down. Look out for cabinets with dangerous substances that your baby may be able to open and small objects that could be choking hazards. Watch pets closely as they may be especially interested in your little one.

If you are a house guest, bring along a few supplies to help keep your baby safe such as outlet covers, soft corners for low tables and some cabinet latches. Distraction is also a great method to avoid safety issues. Offer enticing toys in a safe space to hold your baby’s interest and keep her away for danger.  Consider bringing a portable play pin as a self-contained safe space for your baby.

Tip #7: Know your Baby

You know your baby best. Stay vigilant of triggers that you know will upset your baby, such as loud noises or too much chaos. Also, have some tricks up your sleeve to help soothe your baby if she gets upset. Changing the environment can help too. Allow her ro catch her breath by walking outside or going into a quiet room for a few minutes if necessary. You can bring along a few new toys to distract and capture her attention as well.

Tip #8: Take Pictures

In the excitement of the holiday don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your baby’s first Thanksgiving. These will be wonderful keepsakes for years to come and ones that your baby will want to see when she’s older.

Tip #9: Stay Calm and Be Grateful

Your baby feeds off of your emotions, attitude and demeanor. Holidays can be particularly trying times with lots of family around. If you are stressed, your baby will pick up on it and this could set her off too. Do your best to roll with the punches. If grandparents have criticisms or if family strife comes to a head, take the high road and avoid conflict. This year, you have even more reason to keep the peace, stay calm, and be grateful for our beautiful new baby.

We hope these tips help you navigate what to expect from your baby’s first Thanksgiving. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Sources: Metro Parent Magazine and Incredible Infant

What to Expect from your Baby’s First Thanksgiving Part 1

This Thanksgiving may be the first holiday with your new little love or you may have a few under your belt already. Either way, it’s good to know what to expect from your baby’s first Thanksgiving and be prepared to handle almost anything that the holiday may have in store. From grandparents to tantrums, this week we’re offering some helpful tips on what to expect from your baby’s first Thanksgiving.

What to Expect from your Baby’s First Thanksgiving Part 1Tip #1: Rest Up

Do your best to ensure your baby has ample opportunity to sleep before the big gathering. After all, she’s probably happiest when she is rested. If you’re traveling and on a different time zone, allow your baby to catch naps when she can, even if you’re breaking some of your own rules about where and when she sleeps. Holidays and vacations are cause for some rule-breaking anyways. Remember, you’re on vacation too so sleep when your baby sleeps so you will be fresh and ready for a fun family holiday too.

Tip #2:  Limit Contact

To the extent possible, most healthcare providers recommend keeping newborns home and away from potential pathogens. On Thanksgiving and other holidays, staying home may not be possible. Or you may be inviting others – including their germs – into your home. Ask guests to wash their hands before holding or touching your baby, or ask them to look and be expressive without touching your baby at all, especially those who may already be under the weather. Wash your baby’s hands periodically since she’s likely to put them in her mouth or rub her face.

Tip #3: Gobble Gobble

Just like you, your baby may get grumpy if she’s not well-fed. Unlike you, she doesn’t need to save her calories for the big meal. Be sure to feed her adequately throughout the day and perhaps right before your Thanksgiving festivities to help her put her best baby foot forward.

If you will be nursing around family and friends, be prepared for unsolicited comments from those who aren’t supporters. Rather than being adversarial, have a rehearsed response about the incredible benefits of breastfeeding to give your baby the best start in life. It’s hard to argue with a healthy habit.

Also, if your baby has started solids, bring your own food to ensure she has plenty to eat that suits her needs and taste buds. Even if she’s tried many of the foods on your Thanksgiving table, guests may prepare them differently. Watch out for ingredients your baby should not have, such as hot spices or honey. If you do feed your baby from the table, ensure the food you offer is not a choking hazard.

Tip #4: Bring Your Gear

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to over-pack for your baby. You need to be prepared for many contingencies so stuff your bags full to ensure you have what your baby needs. Think through all categories: diaper changing supplies; outfit changes for baby and you; feeding supplies including a portable high chair, baby spoons and cups; toys and books; special soothing items like blankees and pacifiers. Who cares if your host thinks you are moving-in. Having supplies to keep your baby happy is worth a little teasing.

Later this week we’ll share even more tips to help you prepare and know what to expect from baby’s first Thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

Sources: Metro Parent Magazine and Incredible Infant

Shirred-Front Bralette Nursing Bra: Patterns for your Lifestyle

Let’s face it: not all days are created equally. Some days you just need to express yourself differently by adding a pop of pattern to your wardrobe, even if it’s only on your intimates. Loving Moments by Leading Lady’s Shirred-Front Bralette Nursing Bra is the sassy bra that all breastfeeding moms need on those days when a neutral color just isn’t going to cut it. This bra comes in a color pallet and variety of patterns for your lifestyle.

Shirred-Front Bralette Nursing Bra: Patterns for your Lifestyle

Our polka dots are cute and flirty. The zebra print is wild and whimsical. Orange daisies are sweet and feminine. Soft grey stripes are sophisticated and classic. Our wine medallions are elegant and majestic. And the rose gold circle dot print is fun and bright. Whatever your mood, our Shirred-Front Bralette Nursing Bra will satisfy your need to express yourself with vibrant patterns.

Even with all the pizzazz of our pattern choices, you won’t lose the great comfort and support you know and love from Loving Moments. The cotton/spandex blend is amazingly soft on your skin while offering a dab of stretch to move with your body throughout the day. The adjustable band and straps help support your breasts and the simple clasps makes breastfeeding easier than ever. In addition to the stylish pattern options, the satin trim and shirred-front design make this bra a fashion statement beneath your clothes.

Check out what other moms like you are saying about our Shirred-Front Bralette Nursing Bra:

Absolute favorite. I discovered these for my second baby and loved them. Bought more for nursing my third. Sports bra style and very comfortable. Whole cup pulls down for easy nursing. I wear these to sleep too since they are comfy and supportive day and night.” by MeanMrJones on

Cute, comfy & supportive…After trying on 6 different nursing bras, I bought this one in Large. (I normally wear a 34D) The thing that I liked the most was that the material was thicker which gave a lot more coverage than all the others. The Large is wide in the back with 3 prongs and 4 settings to adjust tightness so it has a lot of support….Lastly, it’s comfy and cute!” by aa7474 on

Super cute cami bra…the clips are easy to use with one hand and easily fold out of the way of baby’s mouth. The cups are not lined, although the fabric is thick enough that my nipples don’t show through. I’ve used this bra with and without nursing pads with no issue. If you’re looking for a full fit and attractive bra (or a bra to cover cleavage under a dress with a plunging neckline), this is a great deal…” by Gigglebin on

5 Ways to Serve Pumpkin to Babies

5 Ways to Serve Pumpkin to Babies

This season you’re probably doing some tasty cooking with pumpkin. Its rich nutty flavor and creamy texture make it a delicious gourd that is also nutritious. Pumpkin is naturally low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories. It contains a host of vitamins including Vitamin A, B6, C, E and K as well as other nutrients including folate, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. Pumpkin is also packed with lots of fiber, which helps manage blood sugar levels, regulates bowels and helps satiate the body for longer.

Depending on the age of your baby and where you are on offering solid foods, there are a variety of ways to serve pumpkin to babies. Starchy foods like pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes are excellent first solids because they have mild flavors, are easy to prepare into purees and are gentle on a baby’s digestive system.

Here are five suggestions to serve pumpkin to babies:

Steamed or Roasted Puree

Steaming or roasting pumpkin in steamer, microwave or oven is very easy. Remove the seeds and slice your pumpkin into strips. Then place it in your steamer, a microwave safe dish with a little water or baking sheet. Once the pumpkin is steamed or roasted until very tender, peel off the rind and mash or blend it into a puree. For a sweeter puree, add cinnamon or nutmeg. For a savory flavor, go with turmeric, rosemary, basil, garlic or cumin.  Remember, adding sugar or salt to your baby’s food is not necessary and avoid honey for babies under one year old.

Pumpkin Niblets

Chunked pumpkin niblets can be made the same way as steamed or roasted purees with one small difference. Cook the pumpkin for slightly less time to maintain some firmness. It should still be easy to mash with your fingers but maintain its structure so your baby can pick it up with his fingers. Dice it into small niblets for your baby to enjoy.

Pumpkin Oatmeal or Yogurt

Blend pumpkin puree into your baby’s bowl of oatmeal or yogurt for a delicious and healthy snack. This is a great time to use sweeter spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger or throw in some fruit purees such as apples, pears, peaches, bananas or berries too.

Pumpkin Smoothie

If your baby prefers drinking his nutrients over eating, try a pumpkin flavored smoothie. Pumpkin mixes beautifully with a variety of fruits. Blend it with a spoonful of yogurt and a few ice cubes for a creamy and nutritious pumpkin drink.

Pumpkin Soup

Add cooked pumpkin and your baby’s favored cooked vegetables, vegetable stock and breast milk to a food processor. Include yogurt or brown rice or whole wheat cereal to thicken as desired. Blend until creamy smooth. Season with savory spices as desired.

For older babies, try pumpkin risotto or pumpkin ravioli once your baby has tried each of the ingredients individually. We hope your little love devours these ways to serve pumpkin to babies as you include him in the delightful flavors of the season.

Sources: Momtastic Wholesome Baby Food and Live Science

Storing Breast Milk to Prepare for Returning to Work After Baby

Storing Breast Milk to Prepare for Returning to Work After BabyThe thought of leaving your baby to return to work a few short months after bringing her into the world is stressful to many new moms. Will your chosen caregiver(s) be attentive enough to her needs? Will she forget you while you’re gone? Are you doing the right thing by returning to work? So many factors make returning to work after baby difficult and then you have to think about storing breast milk so you’re baby has nourishment while you’re away. Today we’re helping you stress less with tips for storing breast milk to prepare for returning to work after baby.

Tip #1: Establish a Strong Milk Supply

Without a strong milk supply it’s hard to fathom pumping extra milk to support your baby while you’re away. Therefore, the first step to storing breast milk to prepare for returning to work after baby is ensuring you have breast milk in the first place. To establish a strong milk supply you’ll want to breastfeed early and often. Studies show that breastfeeding as soon as possible after giving birth helps encourage milk supply, kickstarts your baby’s instinctual desire to nurse, and bonds you and your baby for a lasting breastfeeding relationship, among other benefits. Then breastfeeding on demand for the first days, weeks and months will help you and your baby form a rhythm. Breastfeeding is a system of supply and demand so the more you breastfeed and drain your breasts properly, the more milk your body will produce.

Tip #2: Start Pumping Early

As you’re working on your milk supply, you can start pumping. It may even help your milk supply. If you know you’re returning to work, start pumping early to stimulate your breasts with the pump and get into a routine. The first weeks of pumping may not yield much milk but as you get into the groove and your milk supply slowly increases, you’ll pump more and more milk. The best times to pump are after your first morning breastfeed and after your baby goes to bed for the night once your baby is sleeping for longer stretches. You have the most milk early in the day, which is why pumping in the morning works well. Then pumping again before you go to bed will drain your breasts and give you time to refill before your next nursing session.

Tip #3: Organize Your Frozen Breast Milk

Keep your breast milk organized so you and your caregiver can easily access milk as necessary. You may need to grab milk quickly before dropping off your baby at daycare, or your nanny may be managing a hungry baby while trying to find the oldest bag of milk. Freezing milk in flat “shingles” or “bricks” can help you stack and store breast milk neatly. Keep your bags labeled so you can pull out and use the oldest frozen breast milk first. Many moms use shoe boxes or resealable bags to group frozen milk by weeks or months for simple access.

Tip #4: Talk to Your Employer

Before returning to work talk to your employer about your plan to pump at work. Discuss where pumping will take place to ensure you have a clean, comfortable, private space to pump several times a day. Also discuss the time commitment involved in pumping as you may be away from your desk, meetings and other work activities multiple times for awhile. Remind your employer of the benefits of breastfeeding for working mothers including less sick days for babies and children (for their entire childhood!), less healthcare costs and better employee morale because moms feel their employers care about the health and wellbeing of their families.

Tip #5: Stick to the Plan

Once you return to work, dedicate yourself to both your paid job and your role as a mother. That means you’ll have to take pumping breaks at your designated times. It may be hard to pull yourself away from work at times or you may face adversity from your superiors and co-workers. Know that you’re making the healthiest choice for your baby, yourself and your family and stick with the plan to ensure your baby has the best nutrition every day. You should pump enough at home or work to cover your baby’s milk demands for the following day.

Storing breast milk to prepare for returning to work after baby is hard but completely worth it. Keep our tips and mind to ensure your milk supply is strong, you’re pumping adequately and you have a plan in place with your employer. You can do it!