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Halloween Safety Reminders

Halloween Safety RemindersTonight’s the big, fun-filled night! We want to make sure you and your gang of ghosts and goblins stay safe on Halloween night. You’re probably familiar with most of these Halloween safety reminders but it’s always good to have a refresher. Keep these Halloween safety tips in mind as you prepare for your Halloween celebration and head out on the trick-or-treat trail:

Costume Safety

You’ve probably got your costume set for tonight but as you’re dressing yourself and your kids, check for potential hazards such as oversized costumes that may cause someone to trip or costumes with long pieces that could get snagged. Face paint is a better choice than masks to prevent obstructed views. Try to incorporate reflective tape or a glow stick into your family’s costumes so you’ll stand out to drivers.

Street Safety

Stick with your kids as you hit the neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Make a rule about how closely to you your kids should remain. Stay on sidewalks when possible, always look both ways and hold hands while crossing streets, and use crosswalks when they are available. This is a good time to teach your children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. If you are carrying a baby, make sure they are secure in your arms throughout the night – this is a great time for baby wearing! Use reflective tape or twinkle lights on strollers to be extra visible to drivers.

If you are driving, especially during peak trick-or-treat hours of 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., use extra caution by driving slowly, ensuring your lights are on, putting down your mobile phone and stopping for all pedestrians.

Tricky People Safety

Talk to your kids about tricky people before going out on Halloween night. Make sure your kids know to tell you right away if they encounter a tricky person and to scream for help if they feel they are in danger. Although it is a night notorious for “tricks” and scary things, listen to your kids and be vigilant of their fears.

Candy Safety

Make a rule that your kids should not eat any candy before you’ve checked it. The best way to check candy is in a well-lit room when you return home. Never allow your child to eat baked goods or opened foods from strangers. Watch out for choking hazards for young children.

Also, set a plan for how much candy your child can eat on Halloween night and then save the rest for future treats. You can also encourage your kids to share candy with the troops or swap candy with the “switch witch” for a non-food item such as books, toys or crafts.

Fire Safety

Consider using an electronic light to illuminate your pumpkin rather than a candle. If you do use a candle, make sure it is in a steady place and away from flammable objects. Ensure your kids stay away from fire hazards at homes where you are trick-or-treating too.

Have a wonderful night and be sure to follow our Halloween safety reminders for a fabulous holiday!

Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics and Safe Kids

Food to Bring to the Hospital after Childbirth

foods to bring to the hospital after childbirthGiving birth is a major experience for your body and it can have some interesting side-effects. Many moms report being ravenous after childbirth while others find themselves backed up and in need of relief. Your nurses will probably encourage you to eat plenty in the hospital so your body has the nutrients it needs to heal and energy to care for your new bundle of joy. While the hospital will likely be able to accommodate most of your meals, we have a few suggestions of food to bring to the hospital after childbirth.

Snacks: Whether your labor is long or short, giving birth exerts A LOT of energy. During a long labor or when preparing for a c-section, you probably will not have eaten for many hours before giving birth. Between that, beginning your breastfeeding journey and all the work you did to bring a new life into the world, you’re likely going to be quite hungry after the excitement settles. If it’s not mealtime at the hospital when your hunger kicks in, you’ll want to have snacks available to keep your energy up. Bring a bag of nutritious, nonperishable snacks such as protein bars, nuts, nut butters, whole wheat crackers, apples or dried fruit. This may be helpful for your partner and visitors too, as hospital meals will only be provided for you.

Lactation Promoting Foods: You’ll want to start breastfeeding immediately after your baby is born. Food to bring to the hospital after childbirth should therefore include a few galactogogues – foods that promote lactation. Oatmeal is one of the easiest choices because you can bring packets of instant oats to make for breakfast or snacks. Anything else with oats will also help so try oatmeal bars or oatmeal cookies too. Also bring lactation tea to help jumpstart your milk supply.

Constipation Relief: It is very common for new mothers to become constipated after giving birth. Hormones and other funky things that are rearranging in your body may have you backed up for a few days. Your nurses may give you a gentle laxative to help get you going, but you can assist too by bringing prunes or prune juice to the hospital. You can also stock up on high-fiber snacks that will help bind to your waste and send it out of your body.

Water: So, you don’t need to bring regular water to the hospital because they will certainly have plenty. But if you like a certain type of water – say sparkling or triple filtered – you may want to bring your own. Staying hydrated is essential for your own health and wellbeing and for producing that wonderful breast milk. Also, if you prefer drinking from a certain type of cup, bring that along too.

Mints or Gum: It’s a foregone conclusion that you won’t be doing a ton of sleeping during your hospital stay after childbirth. Your baby will need your attention around the clock, you may have friends and family visiting, and your vital signs will be checked often. You should catch naps when you can but getting up to brush your teeth after each one may not be possible or comfortable. Have some mints or gum available to keep your breath fresh after naps.

As you’re packing your hospital bag towards the end of your pregnancy, throw in some of these foods to bring to the hospital after childbirth so you’re stocked and ready for the big occasion!

5 Normal Ways of Breastfeeding

5 Normal Ways of Breastfeeding

Each baby/mother breastfeeding relationship is unique. Like many wonderful aspects of parenting, there is no right or wrong when it comes to nourishing your baby with the very best nutrients on the planet. Breastfeeding should be a special experience and one that you and your baby will navigate together along your own sweet path.

There are many “normal” ways of breastfeeding. The truth is that pretty much anything goes as long as your baby is getting plenty of milk (as evidenced by weight gain, soiled diapers and overall satisfaction) and both of you are enjoying the breastfeeding journey. Some new moms get hung up on “the right way” to breastfeed. We’re going over five normal ways of breastfeeding to show you that any way you slice it is just fine.

#1: Both Breasts 50/50

The “traditional” method of breastfeeding – using both breasts for equal amounts of time – works for some moms and babies. Some babies naturally fall into this pattern and some moms enjoy it because it offers a consistent pattern and set expectations. This may also help drain breasts more thoroughly with each feeding. While there is no set time limit for breastfeeding, most babies average 20 to 40 minutes per feeding. In this case, that would be 10 to 20 minutes per breast.

#2: One Breast at a Time

Some babies stick to one side for an entire feeding. Once they’ve had enough, they unlatch and are uninterested in the other breast. Usually let-downs occur in both breasts at the same time so only feeding on one breast may cause moms discomfort as she will be full on the opposite breast. In this case, you may have to pump the opposite breast after the feeding. For mothers who have sore nipples, breastfeeding on one side per feeding may offer more time for nipples to heal between feedings.

#3: Ping-Pong Breasts

Another common breastfeeding practice is ping ponging back-and-forth between breasts. This may be a great strategy for mothers who feel their milk supply is low. As we mentioned, let-downs occur on both sides simultaneously. Therefore, as your baby sucks one breast, you’ll pool milk in the other. If you constantly re-stimulate your breasts, you may have more let-downs and therefore more milk readily available to your baby. If your baby is especially impatient waiting for your milk, try going back-and-forth between breasts several times during one session.

#4: Both Breasts 80/20

Another way to breastfeed is feeding mostly on one breast to ensure your baby is getting both the sugary abundant foremilk as well as the fattier denser hindmilk that comes later in a feeding. Both foremilk and hindmilk are important for your baby’s development. The first breast can be the main meal and the second breast can be dessert.

#5: Short Snacks

Some babies, especially newborns, may only want to nurse for short periods at a time. This may be based on interest level, sleepiness and having a very tiny tummy. Feeding on demand is highly recommended, especially as you establish your milk supply and nurture your breastfeeding relationship. Allowing frequent stimulation from “snacking” is completely fine and may help early milk production.

When you are wondering if your breastfeeding situation is normal, the answer is yes because the bottom line is breastfeeding is normal!

Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest – Nursing Bra Giveaway

Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest – Nursing Bra Giveaway

Halloween always brings out the shutterbugs because, honestly, who can resist babies in costumes? We’re hoping you’ll share your adorable photos with us this year as part of our Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest. When you do, you’ll be entered to win a new Loving Moments nursing bra of your choice.

Whether you have a pirate, a strawberry, a bumblebee, or a flower, we’re excited to see your little ones all dressed up for Halloween. Starting October 24 through November 1, we’re calling for photos of your nurslings in costume. You can submit photos of your lil’ pumpkin on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #LovingMoments.  See below for more details.

Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest

Dates: Monday, October 24 – Tuesday, November 1

How to Enter:  Share a photo of your lil’ pumpkin, a.k.a. your nursling, on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram + tag Loving Moments + use the hashtag #LovingMoments. (Only entries tagged using the # will be considered.)

Tag Loving Moments on Facebook: @LovingMomentsBras.

Tag Loving Moments on Twitter @LovingMomentsBr.

Tag Loving Moments on Instagram @LovingMomentsBras.

What You’ll Win: 5 winners will be selected and announced on November 2. These lucky mamas will receive the nursing bra of her choice from the Loving Moments by Leading Lady collection.

Additional Information: Photos submitted may be shared by Loving Moments on all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instragram) and our Mommy Moments blog regardless of where they were originally posted. By submitting a photo, you agree to allow us to use it across channels.

Giveaway Rules & Regulations:

  • Entries will be accepted during the specified timeframe only. Entries submitted outside the contest window will not be considered.
  • Winners are selected at the discretion of Loving Moments by Leading Lady.
  • 5 winners will be selected to receive one prize each.
  • Failure to claim prize within 10 days of notification will result in forfeiture of prize.
  • Prizes subject to availability based on winner’s size, color and product selection. If the preferred prize is not available, the winner can make another selection.
  • May not be combined with any other coupon code offers.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Please allow up to 21 days for shipping after a prize has been selected.
  • Not valid with previous or future purchases.
  • Giveaway may be discontinued at anytime without notice.

Good luck!

Why I Teach My Son about Breastfeeding

Until about five years ago, I didn’t realize how amazing my mom is.  She exclusively breastfed my older sister and me, which I really didn’t think much of until I became a mom myself.  Being the younger sibling, I never saw anyone being breastfed regularly growing up.  Then when I was old enough to contemplate parenting, I was an ambitious college student and starting my career.  Breastfeeding was completely outside of my world.

Now I’m a mom and I totally get it.  Now I realize the sacrifice, dedication, time and energy she spent because I, myself, am a breastfeeding mom.  I took the time five years ago when my first son was born to thank her and I thanked her again when my second son was born seven months ago because she is amazing.  Now I realize.

Then it dawned on me: will my sons ever thank me for breastfeeding them?  I’m certainly not doing it for the gratitude and I know much of motherhood is a thankless job.  But my five-year-old is quite expressive about his feelings and often thanks me for things I do for him.  However for a son, breastfeeding just doesn’t seem like one of those things.

Why I Teach My Son about BreastfeedingMy sons may have wives who breastfeed their children one day, but they will never personally experience breastfeeding – with all of its joyous sessions of bonding, priceless cuddling, and feeling they are truly doing the best for their baby…or the hours of exhaustion, struggles of being tethered to another tiny being, and worrying if they are doing any of it right.  Without those moments, can my sons really appreciate my gift and would they ever think to say, “thank you, mom”?  I don’t think so and I’m OK with that.

There is something bigger I want than a thank you.

As a preschooler, my son was taught not to have any qualms about his body.  For better or for worse, he is willing to get naked in front of anyone and our bathrooms have an open door policy, as they did at school.  We also use most of the anatomical terms for our body parts.  With a baby at home, I’m often half dressed with exposed breasts before, during or after a feeding.  At first my son was very intrigued as I fed his baby brother and would watch intently the entire time. Now that the newness has worn off, half of the time I don’t think he even realizes it happening, as evidenced by the fact that he often wants me to do impossible things to help him while I’m breastfeeding.  Other times he’ll ask me, “are you on the second breast yet?” which is his way of saying, “are you almost done so I can get some attention?”

Lesson one accomplished!  Breastfeeding is normal, natural, necessary and happens often! Seeing a breast in the context of breastfeeding is the same as watching someone eat a sandwich, and one day he may even see the beauty in it.  But it is more than the physical act of breastfeeding that he needs to understand.

We try to be a teaching family and explain things to my son that are beyond his years and perhaps above his five-year-old capacity.  Nonetheless, we give him lots of information to see what sticks.  He astounds us with his knowledge all the time.  So why not teach him about breastfeeding too?

My son now knows that breast milk makes babies strong, helps them not get sick and it allows their brains to think hard so they can develop properly.  He also knows that breastfeeding continues to give children these incredible powers throughout their lifetime.  Discussing breastfeeding forays into a conversation about making good choices for our bodies and how we have the ability to support ourselves in staying healthy.  I have also been able to teach him about helping others who want to make good choices because I donate milk to a mother in our neighborhood who hasn’t been able to produce enough breast milk for her infant daughter.

None of these breastfeeding lessons are intended to elicit a thank you.  As every mother knows, there aren’t enough thank yous in the world to cover what we do nor do we need thank yous in order to lovingly provide for our kids. I teach my son about breastfeeding because it’s just another way I love my children like my mother loved me. I want him to know that mommy cares about his health, his strength, his brain, I care about making healthy choices for our family and I care about helping others.  It’s a value that was passed down to me and it is one I hope he continues to cherish and uphold.  He doesn’t have to be a daughter to accomplish that.

I will continue to thank my mom for the rest of my life for giving me the gift of breast milk and being a role model and advocate for my own breastfeeding journey.  My son will thank me for many things too.  Breastfeeding may not be one of them, but if he embraces the lessons of this act of love, that’s thanks enough for me.

Written by Erin, Loving Moments by Leading Lady brand ambassador

Breastfeeding Friendly Halloween Costumes

Breastfeeding Friendly Halloween CostumesWhen you’re a breastfeeding mama who plans to partake in Halloween festivities you may want to consider a costume selection to make nursing as simple as possible this year. We’re sharing breastfeeding friendly Halloween costume ideas to help you and your little one maximize the fun and minimize the fuss on Halloween night.

Layer Up: Wearing a nursing bra under your costume is a must but it’s even better if your costume will accommodate a nursing cami. This nursing solution is a snap and can easily be incorporated into many Halloween costumes. When you’re considering how to dress this Halloween, think about how your nursing cami can work with the costume.

Superhero: We all know moms are superheroes so dressing like one on Halloween makes a lot of sense. Plus, your cape can double as a nursing cover as you feed your baby your superfood breast milk. Dress your baby as a side-kick and the two of you are a dynamic duo saving the world one breastfeed at a time.

Baby Wearing: Keeping your baby close in baby carrier or sling can make nursing super simple when baby is hungry. There are lots of fun breastfeeding friendly Halloween costumes that incorporate your attached baby, such as a kangaroo and joey, spider in a spider web, or a chick hatching from an egg.

Ghost or Goddess: Drapey costumes can help make breastfeeding easier on Halloween. Consider a flowing ghost costume or elegant draped neck goddess gown. These can be pulled down for breastfeeding access for your little pumpkin.

Strapless: Selecting a strapless costume also makes nursing simple, especially on-the-go. With little effort you can fold down your top for feedings. Strapless ideas include a ’20 flapper gall, a mermaid, or a fairy.

Big Costumes: Want privacy for breastfeeding? Make your own nursing space with a big costume such as a box of popcorn, a gumball machine, a trashcan, a lego or a bus. While it may be bulky, you’ll have the ultimate discretion for breastfeeding your baby on the big night.

Keep these breastfeeding friendly Halloween costumes in mind as you’re coming up with a creative idea for you and baby this year!

Get a Pregnancy Lift with Loving Moments’ Maternity Belt Support Band

We all need a pick-me-up every now and then – perhaps more often when you’re pregnant. As your precious baby continues to develop, your growing bump may become a source of pain in your abdomen, hips, pelvis and lower back. We’ve designed a Maternity Belt Support Band to help counteract this discomfort and give you that lift you need as a mom-to-be.

Whether you are carrying high or low, your baby is getting bigger and stronger every day. As you grow a human miracle in your womb, you may grow achy and sore too, which doesn’t feel miraculous at all. That’s when you need our Maternity Belt Support Band.

Get a Pregnancy Lift with Loving Moments’ Maternity Belt Support Band

This must-have for expectant moms fits just under your bump to gently take some of the weight off your hips, pelvis and back. The adjustable strap cradles your baby as snugly as you wish and can easily be modified for days when you need more or less support.  Our support band actually features three bands: One wraps completely around your body from back to belly, and the other two are side straps for extra support and adjustability.

The design is thin to ensure a “barely there” look beneath your clothes. It moves with your body so you can be as active as life demands. Our Maternity Belt Support Band is also soft so it won’t irritate or scratch your sensitive pregnancy skin. Plus it’s available in black and white to compliment your wardrobe.

Our Maternity Belt Support Band is safe for all-day wear as it is not intrusive or restrictive to your baby’s growth and development. Expectant moms who are on-the-go and on their feet for most of the day find belly support an incredible asset. It’s also wonderful for moms who are sitting often because it stays in place and doesn’t fold over when you’re in a seated position.

Beyond your pregnancy days, our Maternity Belt Support Band is great after your baby arrives too. As your belly slowly shrinks, you may need continued support for your abdomen and back. Using our support band will help you stay comfortable as your body heals and you adjust to life with your new little bundle of joy.

Still not sure you need our Maternity Belt Support Band? Maybe these moms will convince you:

Ahhhhhh…feels so good! With this being my third pregnancy, I have started having bad cramps under my stomach and in my lower back. It was suggested to me by my doc to get a maternity belt and she had even recommended this one as she saw it at Walmart one day and noted that its width looked perfect. Boy was she right! As soon as I put it on and stood up, I could tell that this would be my new BFF! You can’t beat it for the price, either.” by LogansMama29 on

Just what I needed… do a lot of walking and would feel pressure on my lower abdomen area from the baby. My pants weren’t providing enough support, so I figured a belly band would help. Boy did it ever. I can now walk comfortably. I don’t wear it all day everyday. Just when I need extra support. I haven’t had any trouble with it shifting or rolling.” by iheartthe505 on

Very helpful… Lightweight, comfortable to wear for long periods, and it helped so much with my hip pain. I am carrying twins and there’s a lot of things out of place right now lol. It’s made a huge difference for me.” by PickyMomandDad on

“I used this as a support belt during my 3rd trimester, and I wish I had gotten it sooner! I had been having back problems and pinched nerves. I wore this part of one day and ALL the pains were gone. I wore it almost everyday, and it is comfortable enough to do so. I did not sleep in it, but I could have. I loved that it was so adjustable. I highly recommend it.” by LainFamily on

Why You Should Let your Baby Be a Messy Eater

Why You Should Let your Baby Be a Messy EaterFor neat freak parents everywhere, this one’s going to be a challenge. Research shows and experts say that making a mess during mealtimes is a good way for babies to learn. Having a fun and enjoyable experience while eating, even if it creates a mess, may serve your baby well when it comes to learning, sensory development and enjoying food. Today we’re dishing out 4 reasons why you should let your baby be a messy eater.

Reason #1: Mealtime Should be Fun

You may have been taught not to play with your food as a kid, but the theory has changed. Kids have fun making messes as they use their hands to explore objects. When those objects are foods, things can get a bit messy, sticky, gooey, smeary, grimy and yes, food can get everywhere. But this discovery process is a blast and brings positive association to food and mealtimes. Messy eaters may even be less picky eaters in the long run because they have the freedom to manipulate foods and taste them as they please. Also, the sacred family mealtime should not be a struggle, but rather a feel-good experience for all. And let’s face it, as a kid playing with your food just feels good.

Reason #2: A Sensory Experience

While your baby is making that ooey, gooey, icky mess, he’s feeling a variety of textures. He’ll feel it on his hands as he sloshes it around on his high chair tray. He’ll feel it on his lips and mouth as he tries to feed himself. He’ll feel it on his face when pieces end up on his cheeks, chin, ears, hair and goodness knows where else! It’s important for children to feel comfortable being messy, and to cope with different textures whether it’s smooth, hard, crunchy, sticky or chunky. All of these sensory experiences are great for a baby’s development.

Reason #3: Improved Identification

A study published in Developmental Science shows that babies who are messy eaters and are permitted to play with their food have an easier time identifying nonsolid food items. When you think about it, this should be no surprise. Interactive play teaches children of all ages many lessons. The same can be said of food. This research also found that sitting in a high chair improved learning as well. Making a mess while eating can, over time, impact cognitive development.

Reason #4: Fosters Independence

Eventually all babies need to learn to eat on their own. Allowing your baby to practice is going to be messy. But as we all know, you get better with practice so a little mess for the greater goal of independent eating is a sacrifice all OCD parents should make. Do your best not to wipe your baby’s hands, face and tray until the end of the meal. As long as your baby is working on the skill of putting food in his mouth, it’s all worth the mess.

Sources: Huffington Post and Your Kids Table

Swaddle Baby Halloween Costumes

Swaddle Baby Halloween CostumesIf you have a newborn, you’re probably excited for your baby’s first Halloween. As fun as it is dressing your baby daily in adorable clothes, it’s even cuter to dress your little one in a baby Halloween costume. For the newest and tiniest additions, it may be easiest to keep your baby swaddled snugly during your Halloween festivities. Today we’re sharing colorful ideas for swaddle baby Halloween costumes that you can make yourself.  And no matter what shade strikes your fancy, we’ve got an idea for every color of the rainbow:

RED – Ladybug

Draw black circular dots all over a red swaddle. Fasten pipe-cleaner antennae and eyes to a black baby hat. Your lucky ladybug is ready for her Halloween debut.

ORANGE – Jack-o-lantern

We’re going with the gourd of the season for our orange pick. Simply draw or iron on a jack-o-lantern face include triangle eyes and nose and a jagged grin.  Secure a green stem from an orange baby hat and your lil’ pumpkin is prime for picking.

YELLOW – Burrito

You’ve probably felt your baby looked a lot like a burrito when swaddled. You can make it so by using a yellowish gold swaddle and adding some tissue paper accents such as green for lettuce, red for tomato and brown for meat. You can even add a little sticker identifying your favorite local Mexican restaurant where your baby burrito came from.

GREEN – Caterpillar

Using a green swaddle, adhere strips of green painters tape or ribbon about 4-5 inches apart from each other. Put your baby in a green baby hat with antennae and bug eyes. Your little crawling critter will be cozy and cute for the big day.

BLUE – Superhero

On a blue swaddle place a cut out or print out of the first letter of your baby’s name. Use a piece of fabric or a small towel as a cape and place the same letter on the back. Fasten the cape to your baby’s swaddle. Your little one is ready to save the day.

PURPLE – Butterfly

With a purple swaddle center, simply fasten butterfly wings to the back of your baby’s blanket. Then add a baby hat with antennae and your beautiful butterfly will look spectacular for Halloween.

WHITE – Sushi

Wrap your baby in a plain white swaddle. Using a black strip of fabric, gently fasten a small orange or pinkish pillow to your baby’s front or back. The pillow is for the fish and the white is the rice. Your baby will surely look delicious enough to eat.

BROWN – Football

Swaddled in brown, add white painters tape in the pattern of football stitching. Do the same for a brown baby hat and you’re ready for game day.

Swaddle baby Halloween costumes are a fun way to keep your little love warm, snuggly and comfy during baby’s first Halloween.

Loving Moments Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra: Cute & Comfy, a Winning Combo

Remember your favorite bra that you wore before you had a baby? It was soft, comfortable, sassy and molded right to your body. Stop missing that bra RIGHT NOW because we have it in a nursing bra version. Our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra is everything you had in your pre-baby bras, now with convenience for breastfeeding.

Loving Moments Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra: Cute & Comfy, a Winning Combo

Let’s break down what you love about your regular go-to bra and compare it to our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra:

The Comfort: No woman should stand for an uncomfortable bra and that’s even truer when you’re nursing. On this bra, the wirefree design with padded cups ensures your upmost comfort. It is made of soft, smooth fabrics with just a bit of stretch to move with your body all day, every day.

The Fit: With adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye back closures, this bra will fit your postpartum curves beautifully. Plus the spandex blend will accommodate size fluctuations along with your milk supply.

The Support: An inner sling helps keep your breasts lifted and supported throughout the day, even with the ebb and flow of your milk supply. Plus the quality fabric and adjustability features allow you to find just the right level of support when and where you need it.

The Shape: Our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra is the ideal t-shirt bra for a nursing mom. The cups smooth your breasts and look great under any outfit in your wardrobe, giving you a beautiful silhouette.

The Style: Luxury is not lost when you’re a nursing mom. Lace trim, a lower cut and a sweetheart bow make this nursing bra cute and sexy. It’s the perfect bra for days when you need to feel like your old self again.

Our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra has all of that PLUS easy-to-use nursing clasps to make breastfeeding a cinch. You deserve everything you had in your pre-baby bra with the convenience for nursing. Now you’ve found it!

Here’s what moms are saying about this bra:

Comfort and style for a new mom…This cute bra gives a little sass to feeding time! It is comfortable and cute, but most importantly is functional…” by BalloonaBudget on

Nursing bras CAN be sexy!…I love this bra! Fits just like a demi. Lightly lined cup has just enough padding to hide nursing pads without being bulky. Wire-free design won’t contribute to plugged ducts. I finally have a nursing bra that is comfortable and makes me feel sexy!” by RedheadedRepunzel on

Pretty and comfortable to nurse my baby…An affordable solution to make me feel pretty and comfortable to nurse.” by MamaM on