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Breastfeeding For New Moms: Breast Milk Storage Capacity

Breastfeeding For New Moms: Breast Milk Storage Capacity

Breastfeeding moms have already made the most important nutrition decision concerning their babies—breastfeeding provides unparalleled nutrition benefits for both mom and baby! If this is your first time nursing, you’re sure to have many questions about breast milk supply, let down, and feeding frequency. Even if you’ve nursed before, did you know that your breast milk storage capacity might not be the same as before? Believe it or not, breastfeeding is not the same experience for each child.

Even though the two might seem related, breast size and milk storage capacity are not linked. Breast tissue does not impact storage capacity. According to this infographic produced by Nancy MohrBacher, there are three breast milk storage capacity classifications that cover the range of nursing mothers.

Small breast milk storage capacity: you are providing enough breast milk to keep your baby full and happy (a baby consumes a standard 30 ounces of breast milk a day) but need to feed more frequently than other moms. Signs that you have small breast milk storage capacity include frequent feedings (about 12 a day) and regularly at night, your baby feeds from both breasts, and you have trouble double pumping. Be sure to stay hydrated and focus on your baby’s feeding cues to help with let down and nursing frequency. Each of your feedings produces an estimated 2 ½ ounces of breast milk.

Medium breast milk storage capacity: your baby might feed from both breasts, but not necessarily. Because you produce just under 4 ounces of breast milk per feeding, your baby will nurse around 8 times a day to get the full 30 ounces he or she needs to gain healthy weight. You might feed at night, but not on a regular basis.

Large breast milk storage capacity: you produce about 5 ounces of breast milk per feeding, so you have less (6) feedings per day than other moms might have. Also, your baby will typically nurse from just one breast at a time. Because you produce larger amounts of breast milk at a time, you are able to skip middle of the night feedings!

There is no right or wrong ability when it comes to breast milk storage, moms. As long as your pediatrician notes that your baby is gaining healthy weight, be confident in your ability to nurse your baby. Milk-making glands in your breasts determine how much breast milk you’ll be able to produce at one time, so listen to your body’s cues and figure out the best breastfeeding plan for you and your baby.


Happy nursing, moms!

Celebrity Baby Bump Watch 2014

Celebrity Baby Bump Watch 2014Even though we’ve already read about recent celebrity births (Rachel Zoe and Jennifer Love Hewitt, to name a few),  it looks like there are still plenty of celebrity babies due to arrive in 2014! Let’s take a look at the list of stars with buns in the oven, shall we?

Ciara + Future

Songstress Ciara announced both her pregnancy and engagement to rapper/producer Future just this week. Planning for a wedding and a baby will prove to be quite the one-two step for the happy couple!

Gwen Stefani +Gavin Rossdale

Rock’s most glamorous mama is due this year with her third child. Gwen & Gavin will welcome another baby boy who will join big brothers Kingsdale and Zuma!

Lia Smith + Justin Bartha

Another quick wedding-to-baby turnaround for Hangover star Justin Bartha and his new wife Lia! The couple confirmed a pregnancy just two days after tying the knot—talk about the honeymoon magic!

Jenni “JWOWW” Farley + Roger Matthews

JWOWW is best known for her Jersey Shore antics, but the  MTV reality queen and her fiancé Roger are expecting their first child, a little girl, this year. We’re sure BFF Snooki is excited for her son Lorenzo to have an instant playmate!

Elsa Pataky + Chris Hemsworth

Not only is the Thor actor expecting a new arrival this year with wife Elsa, but the couple recently confirmed that Elsa is carrying twins! Daughter India Rose will have fun being big sister to two new siblings.

Ginnifer Goodwin + Josh Dallas

This couple’s on-set fairy-tale romance has led to an engagement and baby on the way! We bet that the little prince or princess will be a welcome addition to the Once Upon A Time cast.

Kelly Clarkson + Brandon Blackstock

The original American Idol superstar recently wed music producer Brandon Blackstock in a down-to-earth Tennessee ceremony and soon after revealed her pregnancy. Their baby will have no shortage of lullabies!

Drew Barrymore + Will Kopelman

Drew and Will will welcome another little girl to their growing family in 2014. Daughter Olive (born in 2012) will be a big sister. Drew has been keeping busy during her pregnancy—she recently released a cosmetics line and a new book!

Kerry Washington + Nnamdi Asomugha

No Scandal here for newlyweds Kerry and Nnamdi—the couple has been hush-hush about Kerry’s pregnancy, but they are expecting their first child in spring 2014.

Kristin Cavallari + Jay Cutler

Touchdown! Baby no. 2 is on the way for Bear’s quarterback Jay Cutler and wife Kristin Cavallari. The couple’s first child, Camden, will be a big brother to the newest Bears fan. Check out the spring 2014 issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine to see Kristin on the cover!

Olivia Wilde + Jason Sudeikis

Look out, SNL cast of the future! Funnyman Jason Sudeikis and comedy actress Olivia Wilde recently revealed that their expecting a little boy in May 2014. Jason and Olivia are currently engaged.

Melissa Rycroft + Tye Strickland

Reality star Melissa Rycroft is adding a second addition to her happy family! Melissa married longtime beau Tye in 2009 after her split with Bachelor contestant Jason Mesnick. The couple welcomed daughter Ava in 2010.

Kelly Tisdale + Mike Meyers

Another pregnancy that’s full of love and laughs, Mike Meyers and wife Kelly announced that their expecting a baby this year. This will be the second child for Mike and Kelly, as they welcomed son Spike in 2011.

Other famous couples who will welcome babies in 2014 include:

Laura Silverman + Simon Cowell

Emily Blunt + John Krasinski

Thandie Newton + Ol Parker

Danielle Jonas + Kevin Jonas

Kimberly Van Der Beek + James Van Der Beek

Megan Fox + Brian Austin Green

Jenny Mollen + Jason Biggs

Christina McLarty + David Arquette

Teresa Palmer + Mark Webber

Kate Moore + Justin Moore

Soleil Moon Frye + Jason Goldberg


Lots of congratulations up ahead for these proud parents!

Probiotics May Ease Colic in Babies

Probiotics May Ease Colic in BabiesColic may not afflict many babies (it is reported that only 8 to 15% of babies have colic), but the symptomatic persistent, howling crying is enough to shatter any parent’s world. While there is no known cause for colic, new research suggests that some probiotics might ease a colicky baby’s symptoms. There is also evidence that taking certain probiotics during pregnancy reduce the risk of an infant developing colic as well. Though researchers are only reporting the preliminary findings, medical and parent groups are hopeful that colic will be reduced or eliminated with probiotic use.

Probiotics, which are strains of “good bacteria,” have long been known to ease digestive issues with adults. Colic is thought to disrupt a baby’s digestive system, so researchers have hypothesized that probiotics may be able to soothe a colicky baby’s digestive system just like an adult’s. Even though a large percentage of the infant population is not affected by colic, the condition is highly disruptive and emotionally hard for many new parents to deal with. Even though the study notes that much more research has to be conducted before probiotic supplements become the new regimen for colicky babies, it is encouraging for parents to have another alternative that may ease colic.

Did you have a colicky baby? What tips do you have for other mothers who may be dealing with their baby’s colic? Share in our comments below.


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Maternity Fashion: Celebrity Baby Bumps We Adore

Celebrity mamas are known for their impeccable maternity fashion.  We love following our favorite Hollywood starlets throughout their pregnancies to see how they’re showing off their baby bumps.  Today we’re sharing some fabulous looks from three Leading Mamas who really know how to put together a maternity outfit.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Congrats to new mama Jennifer who gave birth to her first baby girl Autumn James in November 2013!  Jennifer’s classic maternity fashion makes her casual and chic looks easy to replicate.

Maternity Fashion: Celebrity Baby Bumps We Adore

Photo by Juan Pablo Arancibia Medina via Wikimedia

A blazer is a terrific look for almost any body shape, including one with a baby bump.  And fortunately, no additional shopping is required.  Just forget the button and wear an open-front blazer with a maternity t-shirt and jeans for a super stylish dress-up or dress-down look.  We love Jennifer’s fuchsia blazer with snug maternity jeans.  She looks casual, comfortable and on trend, pregnant or not.

We also love Jennifer’s sleek black dress that she wore on the Pampers carpet.  This flattering style shows off Jennifer’s baby bump and her other beautiful curves.  The ruched sides give the dress a unique flare.  The mid-calf length is perfect for anyone who may want to cover up veins that sometimes pop out during pregnancy.  Her shoes are stylish yet sensible, offering extra ankle support as she walks the carpet.

Kate Winslet

Kate is known for her stunning red carpet appearances, from movie premieres to awards shows.  Even during her third pregnancy, Kate kept up her signature look.

Maternity Fashion: Celebrity Baby Bumps We Adore

Photo by GabboT via Flickr

Everyone looks great in black and pregnant women are no exception.   Black ensembles make the belly pop and create a slimming look for the rest of the body, something many pregnant women appreciate.  Kate’s chic and trendy all-black outfit was a knock-out at a press junket for her recent movie, aptly named Labor Day.  Her long maternity top works nicely over her black jeans, and could also work with maternity leggings.  Her open-front blazer with cropped sleeves is sophisticated and forms a clean line.  The simple necklace and loosely swept up-do complete this look beautifully.

Kate’s awards show elegance is second to none.  She looks absolutely radiant in a red gown at the Labor Day premiere.  The shimmery fabric mirrors Kate’s beautiful glow, and the short, pleated sleeves and plunging neckline are extremely flattering for her figure.  Empire-waist tops and dresses are a wise choice for pregnancy.  Kate’s gown falls flawlessly over her baby bump, and the red jeweled embellishments make for a gorgeous finishing touch.  Stunning, as usual, Kate

Morena Baccarin

Homeland star Morena Baccarin was walking the red carpet through her ninth month of pregnancy!  She welcomed baby boy Julius in late October 2013.  Glowing from head-to-toe, Morena’s maternity fashion makes her a stand-out new mama fashionista.

Maternity Fashion: Celebrity Baby Bumps We Adore

Photo by GabboT via Wikimedia

A walnut brown, form-fitting maternity dress has an attractive sheen that looked spectacular against her olive skin-tone and dark hair.  The low v-cut, dazzling sequins and sleeveless top of the dress makes it unique and flattering.  And we’re highly impressed with Morena’s ability to walk in her Cinderella-esque stiletto heels.

We love Morena in a bubble gum pink knee-length dress makes her pop on the carpet.  Well, that and her adorable baby bump.  The contrasting shiny side panels create a fun triangular design that sits atop her bump and draws in her waist.  Again, Morena shows her love of beautiful shoes in these glittery silver heels.  Congrats on your new bundle of joy, Morena!

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Breastfeeding Might Lower Risk of Mom Developing Rheumatoid Arthritis

sleep-leisureAnother reason to celebrate breastfeeding, moms! New research suggests that moms who breastfeeding their babies have a lower risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. The study, which involved over 7,000 Chinese women, was unable to conclusively prove a link between nursing and a decreased risk of RA, but the study’s implications bolster the health benefits mom receives from breastfeeding.

Researchers looked at women 50 years and older in China who breastfed, used birth control pills, or both. From the information gathered, researchers found that over 95% of the women with children had breastfed for at least a month. Also, a low percentage of women had used birth control: only 11% of women polled reported that they had taken birth control pills. It was noted that the women included in this study were born in the 1940’s and 1950’s, which may explain the high breastfeeding and low birth control rates.

Swelling joints, stiff joints, and even loss of joint function—rheumatoid arthritis is a particularly painful form of arthritis. It is known that women develop RA more than men, but its causes are still unknown. Scientists believe that a combination of genetic, environmental, and hormonal factors foster the disease.

Breastfeeding is more common in China than other Western countries, and researchers plan on expanding their interview pool across other nations. Because breastfeeding and formula-feeding have experienced rises and falls in popularity over the years, it will be difficult for researchers to expect the same high breastfeeding rate in future sample groups. However, the preliminary findings support further research—rheumatoid arthritis is a debilitating disease and any prevention would be well-received by doctors and women patients alike.

Breastfeeding is not only healthy for your baby, but for you as well! The study found that the longer moms breastfed their babies, the lower the risk of developing RA. So keep nursing for you and your baby!

Breastfeeding 101: Why Nursing Bras are Important

Breastfeeding 101: Why Nursing Bras are ImportantLoving Moments by Leading Lady is dedicated to promoting breastfeeding because of the nutritional benefits baby receives from a mother’s milk—there’s plenty of research information to confirm the old saying “breast is best.” Breastfeeding takes practice though, and many new moms report feelings of frustration while trying to successfully nurse for the first attempts. We asked Jennifer, a registered Breastfeeding Peer Counselor from Arkansas, to provide some advice for new and expecting moms who have never breastfed before. Jennifer works in a Health Clinic that serves moms from all walks of life and has also nursed each of her own five children. Here’s why Jennifer recommends that all breastfeeding moms try nursing bras and nursing tanks instead of using pre-pregnancy bras:

Nursing bras help to promote a healthy breastfeeding relationship between mom and baby by offering easy breast access not found with regular bras. Nursing bras also provide necessary support without restricting milk supply. In my opinion, nursing bras also offer the added benefit of helping new moms with self-esteem; most pre-pregnancy bras will not fit properly right away after giving birth. If a new mom wears a properly fitted nursing bra she will have less back pain as well. I prefer wearing nursing tanks when I’m breastfeeding because they layer well with other tops and sweaters. Also, nursing tanks allow me to nurse discreetly regardless if I’m at home or out with my baby.

Still on the fence about trying a nursing bra? We encourage you to try one of Loving Moments’ comfortable, stylish and affordable nursing bra options. You’ll love the support and simple one-hand nursing clasps on some of our everyday bra styles that were designed to keep moms comfortable and make breastfeeding a breeze. Shop our new Maternity to Nursing Collection only at WalMart and

Olivia Wilde Shares Baby’s Gender at Golden Globes

Olivia Wilde

Photo by Cristiano Del Riccio via Wikipedia

Sure, the Golden Globes awards ceremony is exciting for a number of reasons—it’s the unofficial start of “awards season,” it’s hosted by some of the funniest current entertainers, the red carpet is a continuous display of amazing fashion from some of the biggest designers, and our favorite actors and actresses give wonderful (or sometimes wonderfully disastrous) acceptance speeches. This year, however, pregnancy swept the red carpet.

Olivia Wilde successfully merged glamorous high-fashion with bump-worthy pregnancy style at Sunday, January 12th’s awards. Wilde, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Jason Sudeikis, looked radiant in an emerald sequined dress by Gucci which showed off her growing baby bump. Olivia didn’t sacrifice style for the sake of her pregnancy! Instead of a heavily made-up look, Wilde let her natural pregnancy glow accompany her dazzling gown.

Olivia and Jason revealed their baby’s gender and due date while on the red carpet last night. They’re expecting a boy and let reporters know when they were expecting his arrival in a typically funny fashion: “May the fourth be with you!” Wilde responded to questions about her baby boy’s arrival. For those not acquainted with the Star Wars franchise, May 4th is official Star Wars day (based on the franchise’s trademark phrase “may the force be with you”). Wilde is openly a huge Star Wars fan, so maybe we can expect her son’s nursery to be decorated with images of Yoda and Chewbacca.

Congratulations, Olivia and Jason!

I don’t typically have a fussy baby but she seems to get very cranky in the evening. Is this normal and what should I do?

Mom & BabyHaving a fussy baby in the evening is very common! Not to worry; nothing is out of the ordinary if your otherwise joyful, cooing little bundle of joy has an entirely different temperament later in the day.

Most babies are more irritable in the evenings and may want to nurse more often around that time.  That is called “bunch feeding” because your baby will be nursing every hour late in the day, but then sleeps for a four to six hour stretch.. Extra feedings does not mean your milk supply is low.

If you have a fussy baby in the evenings, try to comfort her using the 5 S’s developed by Dr. Harvey Karp.  He’s the author of the book The Happiest Baby on the Block and advocates Swinging, Swaddling, Shushing sounds, Sucking and placing baby on her Side to calm and soothe.  These S’s replicate baby’s experience in the womb, offering a sense of familiarity and security in what may seem like a great big scary world.

Evening fussiness tends to dissipate when babies are around three months old.  So hang in there and keep in mind that this difficult time is usually very short-lived.

Amy Berry
Amy is a lactation consultant and proud momma of 7 (yep seven!) wonderful children all breastfed and a Loving Moments fan!

Vitamin D in Pregnancy Leads to Stronger Babies

Vitamin D in Pregnancy Leads to Stronger BabiesLooking for an easy health boost this winter? Look no further than vitamin D, moms. Not only is the nutrient important in promoting healthy bone density and muscle functioning, but new studies show that pregnant women who consume more vitamin D give birth to stronger babies.

Researchers at the University of Southampton recently released a study that tracked vitamin D consumption in pregnant women. Findings showed that higher intake of the sunny nutrient (vitamin D is naturally absorbed through UV sunrays) lead to greater muscle strength in children around age 4. Even babies were tested to have a stronger hand grip than other newborns whose mothers did not consume high levels of the nutrient.

How can a pregnant woman incorporate more vitamin D into her diet? She can take vitamin D supplements with the rest of her prenatal regiment (easily found in many grocery and pharmacy stores). A mom-to-be can also add fish, egg yolks, fresh fruits and veggies, or enriched milk into her diet for an extra boost.

Researchers noted that the study’s implications about muscle strength are life-long: elderly people frequently suffer injuries or general health pain from deteriorating muscles. If we are conscious of muscle health in the womb, then a baby born with superior muscle strength and health has a better chance of experiencing fewer problems down the road.

Give your baby a healthy start and add some vitamin D-rich foods or supplements into your diet. Contact your OB/GYN if you are hesitant about which foods to choose or if you want a second opinion about adding more pregnancy vitamins into your diet.

Stay happy and healthy, moms!


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Exercise and Breastfeeding – The Do’s and Don’ts of Slimming Down After Baby

New moms are often curious about exercise and breastfeeding.  Is it OK?  Will it affect my breast milk?  Will I get dehydrated?  Will it hurt my breasts?  For most nursing moms, exercise is encouraged once you’ve been cleared for physical activity by your OBGYN or physician.

This time of year, many of us are focusing on our health and putting our best efforts towards our fitness-focused New Years resolutions.  Getting in shape after having a baby can be especially challenging.  Gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy is advised for the optimal growth of your baby.  But only a portion of the ultimate weight gain is the baby itself, so dropping the pounds may take a little work.  Here are some do’s and don’ts on how to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight:

Exercising and BreastfeedingDo drink lots of water.  Hydration is essential for exercising in general, but be sure to add in a few extra cups when you’re breastfeeding.  Water makes up 90% of breast milk so it’s important!

Don’t overdo it and drop too much weight too fast.  Major weight loss usually stems from crash diets and over-exercising.  This is unhealthy for any body, especially one that is lactating.  Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to dropping weight and keeping it off.

Do start slow and build up your intensity over time.  If you haven’t worked out in awhile, take it easy until your muscles get used to the activity.  Injuries can easily occur when muscles are overworked.  The last thing you want when caring for a baby is a strain or injury.

Don’t believe the myths about exercise and breastfeeding.  Many moms have heard that exercise causes lactic acid build-up in your breast milk that can be harmful to your baby.  It’s not true.  This effect is very minor and if anything, may only slightly alter the taste of your milk.

Do feed or pump before you exercise.  For your own comfort, you may want drain your breasts prior to exercise, especially when you’re doing higher impact activities.  Full breasts can be heavy and with added motion, may cause discomfort during your workout.

Don’t make excuses. Find time for exercise 4 to 6 times a week.  Sneak in workouts during naptimes or when grandma pops by for a visit.  If you can’t get a full workout in at one time, break it up into several mini-workouts throughout the day.  Also, try to incorporate some extra cardio into your daily routine.  Your baby will probably delight in the silliness of watching you do jumping jacks.  Baby-wearing adds weight to all of your daily activities with the added bonus of keeping baby super close.  You can also use your baby as resistance by carefully doing bridge extensions and leg lifts with baby sitting on your abdomen or legs.

Do make sure you wear a supportive nursing sports bra.  No only will you be prepared for breastfeeding before or after a workout, nursing sports bras prevent bounce to keep you lifted and comfortable during exercise.

Don’t get discouraged.  The normal, healthy rate of losing weight is 1 to 2 pounds per week.  Don’t expect the weight to shed immediately.  Be patient and with diligence will come results.

Enjoy your workout, new mamas!