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Baby Halloween Costumes: Tricks for Making Halloween a Treat for Baby and You

Baby Halloween costumes might be the most exciting part of Halloween for any family with a new little pumpkin.  It’s practically a new parent’s right of passage to dress their baby in the most adorable costume imaginable, and take oodles of pictures, too. But keep in mind that, unlike a baby doll, your baby is quiet sensitive and may not always cooperate with your best laid plans.

We’re breaking down some of the most important parts of baby’s first Halloween to help get your creative juices flowing, and to keep baby – and you – happy and festive.

Baby Halloween Costumes

Stuck on which precious costume to choose?  Why not pick something you can use again, such as a baby t-shirt featuring your favorite sports team.  Your baby can be a player or a cheerleader with just a few reusable accessories.  Or keep it simple and let the t-shirt do the talking by selecting a top with a character, graphic or funny slogan printed on it.

If you’re headed to a party with family or friends, dress the little ones up together for awesome pictures.  Pick a theme, such as Old MacDonald’s Farm, and let each baby be a different farm animal – cow, horse, chicken, pig, etc…  And all the adults can be farmers!  Another fun theme can be a fruits and vegetables, with the babies dressed as strawberries, bananas, watermelon, carrots and pea pods.  They will look deliciously adorable!

Whichever way you go, be sure baby is comfortable in soft fabrics and dressed appropriately for the weather.  And if baby rejects the costume altogether, it probably isn’t worth a power struggle.  There will be many more Halloween costumes in the future.

Spook-Free Environment

While your baby may not be able to tell you, babies are aware of new environments, sights and sounds.  Baby can easily get spooked if something feels awry, so be conscious of exploring your Halloween scenery together, showing baby that it is all for fun.  Babies want to feel safe so don’t take your little one into a space that is extremely dark, with frightful decorations and scary noises.  Save the ghosts and goblins for the older kids and make Halloween a sweet holiday this year.

Taking in the new and interesting environment requires a lot of energy for processing, and baby may get fussy or tire easily.  Try to stick to baby’s sleep schedule so your baby isn’t crabby the day after Halloween.

Breastfeeding on Halloween

Loving Moments Nursing BrasPlan when and where you’ll breastfeed in advance.  It’s ok to adjust feeding schedules by a few minutes throughout the day to make it convenient to go out later.  If you’re headed to a gathering, ask for a quiet spot away from the excitement to nurse so baby can get a good feeding without being distracted.  As we all know, a well-fed baby is always happier!  Be sure to wear your Loving Moments nursing bras or our super-simple nursing tank under your costume to make nursing on-the-go easy.

Limit alcohol intake this year while you are nursing.  Get a recommendation from your pediatrician as to whether or not you can drink and how much is safe.  Also be conscious of your sugar intake on Halloween.  What you eat is passed along to your baby through your breast milk.  If you get a sugar high, baby may be bouncing off the walls too.

Have a wonderful and sweet Halloween!   We hope you’ll share your “Loving Moments” Halloween pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

Baby’s First Birthday: Happy Birthday Taylor!

Danah and Taylor_Taylor Turns 1If you’re like me, many emotions surface as your baby’s first birthday approaches.

While you are working on the party plans, invitations and picking the right outfit (for yourself and baby!) for baby’s first birthday, you are still also working on perfecting parenthood too.  You wonder where the year has gone and start questioning yourself.  Did I take enough pictures?  Have we been involved in enough activities at each monumental stage of development?  Am I doing all that I can to make her life great?

Then you stop and look at your one-year-old and realize that she is as perfect as perfect can be.  You know she feels your love when her eyes brighten and you see her beaming smile as you walk into a room.  In addition to providing her basic human needs of nutrients (which you’ve provided in the best possible way through breast milk), clothing and shelter, love is the most important element we can fulfill for our children.  Love makes a difference in their first year of life, and well beyond.  The bond you’ve developed with your child will last forever, and the love she’s learning from you will spill over into every aspect of her future.

I’ve learned to cherish the “loving moments” in each and every day with Taylor.  I hope you are doing the same with your little ones as well.

Sippy Cups vs. Straw Cups: The Art of Drinking from a Straw

Danah and TaylorSippy cups and straw cups take up entire aisles at baby stores, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.  There are a seemingly endless number of choices made for babies and children of all different ages and with a variety of spouts.

At an early age, we encouraged Taylor to drink from a straw.  Research shows that drinking from a straw helps develop babies’ mouth muscles, which prepares them for speech.  A straw cup strengthens and positions the tongue correctly for successful speech.   Luckily, those aisles full of sippy cups and straw cups also come in spill-proof versions!

Taylor finally mastered the art of drinking from a straw at nine months and loves doing it!  Go Taylor, Go!

Danah Bordner
New Mom, LPGA Professional Golfer and Loving Moments Spokesmom

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Breast Health

As new moms, we’re always worried about the health of our babies, but as a breastfeeding mom, you should also consider your breast health.  If breast milk is the primary or any source of nutrition for your baby, healthy breasts are essential.  As we focus on breast cancer awareness during the month of October, we should remember that breast health is a year-long quest, and should be taken as seriously as other aspects of our health.  And now, as a breastfeeding mom, breast health is more important than ever.

Here are the six best things you can do for your breasts:

Measuring bra cup sizeWear the Right Bra:  Wearing a properly fitting bra is vital, not only to support your breasts throughout the day (and night!), but also to remain comfortable.  You can determine your bra size using our Loving Moments bra size calculator.

Women often believe themselves to be a certain bra size and continuously buy that size, no matter how it fits.  Don’t get stuck on a certain size.  The right bra for you is the bra that fits and supports you best!  Also, be sure to wear the right bra to meet your lifestyle needs.

Happy mother breast feeding her sonBreastfeeding:  We all know that breast is best for babies because breast milk has the most perfect set of nutrients for your little one’s developing body.  Studies show that breastfeeding also benefits mamas by reducing risks of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes and reduces postpartum depression.

You may have heard the myth that breastfeeding causes breasts to sag…it’s not true!  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that enlarged breasts due to milk production is not one of the causes for loss of breast elasticity.

Exercise:  Exercises does the body good in so many ways. Staying physically fit so the body is strong and able to fight off illness and diseases is just one example.  Exercising and maintaining a healthy body mass index can help to decrease your chances of breast cancer.

Exercise also helps strengthen muscles to improve posture, which is especially important if you have large breasts.  A strong back will help you carry the weight and reduce pressure on the back and shoulders.

Be sure to wear a properly fitting sport bra, even when breastfeeding, such as Leading Lady’s active wirefree nursing bra.   Your sports bra should encapsulate and compress breasts to prevent bounce, strain and sag, but also give you a full range of motion to be active.

Nutrition and Avoiding Alcohol and Smoking:  Eating a diet high in antioxidants (found in many fruits, vegetables and even coffee), can help the body fight cancers like breast cancer.  Limit excessive fat intake, alcohol consumption and avoid smoking, as they are risk factors for breast cancer.

Know Your Body:  Every woman’s breasts are different, including breast tissue density, nipple size and hormonal fluctuations.  Know what is normal for you so you can identify when you may have a problem, such as a lump, discharge, discoloration or deformation of the breast.  Consult your physician if you sense any abnormalities.  It could save your life!

Exams:  Self breast exams can also save lives and should be performed monthly, about 5-10 days after the start of your period.  Perform them in the shower, in front of the mirror and while lying down.  You OBGYN or primary care physician should also do a thorough breast exam every year.  The American Cancer Society recommends yearly mammograms for women starting at age 40.

Wishing you excellent breast health as we focus on breast cancer awareness this month, and for many years to come!