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Baby Skin Care

Baby Skin Care

From breastfeeding to education, we want only the best for our babies. As moms, it is our responsibility to make sure their bodies are in tip top shape for physical and mental growth. That is one reason why we choose to breastfeed in the first place. When it comes to baby’s skin, the largest organ in the body, we should be particularly conscientious.

Imperfections are Normal: Baby acne, reddish birth marks (also known as stork bites), cradle cap and minor rashes are normal and most go away on their own without any need for treatment. Using a barrier cream is a great preventative measure for diaper rash and using over-the-counter medicated creams can cure most standard diaper rashes. If your baby develops a more severe skin condition, such as eczema, your pediatrician may prescribe a topical ointment.

Baby Skin CareTest the Waters: Because newborn skin is most sensitive, start by using products designed for sensitive babies including wipes, laundry detergent and bath soap. After a few months, start switching to regular products one at a time. If your baby has a reaction, switch back to the sensitive products and try again in a few months. Also start by washing your nursing bras and camis in sensitive detergent as her skin will likely come in contact with these fabrics as well.

Temperature Sensitivity: Newborns and infant bodies cannot regulate their temperature as adults do. Newborns lose body heat rapidly and, whether indoors or out, should be bundled in blankets and should wear hats as most heat escapes through the head. Babies also should not spend too much time in the heat because their body’s cooling mechanisms are not fully developed and heat can cause red bumpy skin rashes.

Sunscreen is Vital: If your baby is going to spend time outdoors, regardless of the temperature or cloudiness, apply protective sunscreen specifically formulated for babies with an SPF of at least 30. Tear-free and sting-free sunscreens are best in case it accidentally makes contact with your baby’s eyes.

Skin to Skin: Your baby craves your touch. Studies show that skin-to-skin contact starting from the moment your baby is born will help her early development and create a bond with loved ones. Breastfeeding is an excellent time for skin-to-skin contact if you are in a space where you can remove your shirt and lay your undressed newborn on your chest. Loving Moments Nursing Bras make skin-to-skin access simpler than ever. Offering your baby a relaxing massage using natural lotions or oils can also be a special way for mom (or dad) to share a skintastic moment with your little one.

Pumping When Away from Baby Worth It

Pumping When Away from Baby Worth ItPumping When Away from Baby Worth It

It was my first overnight trip away from Taylor. I had a golf tournament only a car drive away so thankfully I didn’t have to fly this time. It was tough leaving her but I also knew she would be in the best hands–grandma and grandpa (daddy was out of town too). I left enough expressed milk for 4 days.

For those of you not familiar with golf, a typical round takes 4 hours. With warming up, then playing, and a little practice afterward, there’s not an opportunity to express for 7 hours. Ouch! Keeping my milk supply up was a must. I was able to freeze it then travel home with it.

It is all worth it! The look on Taylor’s face when I returned home from my tournament was priceless and it made me melt!

Danah Bordner
New Mom, LPGA Professional Golfer and Loving Moments Spokesmom

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Nursing Essentials for Summer

Nursing Essentials for Summer

Whether you typically feed your baby at home or on-the-go like Danah during a tournament, you need a wardrobe with quick and easy access for nursing and pumping. That does not, however, mean that you have to give up on style. The Loving Moments by Leading Lady style team has put together what we call the stylish mom’s nursing essentials – key pieces that look great, and won’t take 10 minutes to get out of when your baby wants to eat.

Nursing Bras: It is vital to wear a supportive nursing bra at all times, and it can be pretty. Be sure to consider your daily activities when selecting your nursing bras. Various bras are designed for different functions, from everyday, sport, leisure and special occasions. Not only are nursing bras easy and functional, most quality nursing bras are made of breathable, soft fabrics that are comfortable to sensitive breasts.

nursing essentials for summerNursing Cami: While most tops specifically designed for nursing are no simpler than regular shirts, a nursing cami is the exception. Much like a nursing bra, the straps feature clasps that collapse the front, allowing easy access to your breasts and also keeping your belly covered. Nursing camis are terrific as stand-alone tops for day or night, or undershirts for sweaters and cardigans.

Button-Front Tops: Button down shirts are an easy nursing choice because you can access just the area that needs exposure. Pair one of this season’s button down looks with a Loving Moments nursing bralette to add a hint of lace, and you’re in business.

T-Shirts and Sweaters: If you plan to nurse in a regular tee or sweater, select something that is not too tight. If your shirt is loose and has some stretch, you can easily lift it for nursing and drape it over your breast and the baby for discretion. Pair it with a great t-shirt nursing bra.

Wrap Dresses and Tops: If you like to “dress” it up, select wrap dresses. You can easily slip down each side of the top of the dress for nursing without having to remove the entire garment as you would for back or side zip dresses. Wrap tops with a nursing tank underneath are another great option.

Flowing Blouses: This season’s airy styles make great nursing tops because they can be easily lifted up for nursing access.

Have a wonderful and fashionable spring & summer!

Breastfeeding Accepted and Encouraged

Breastfeeding Accepted and Encouraged

Being a new mom gives you a new appreciation of your own mother. Whether you were the best baby on the block or the worst, every mother has their challenges. I think you are only given what you can handle.

Breastfeeding Accepted and EncouragedOne major difference in generations is how breastfeeding has evolved. Breastfeeding has come full circle and is now widely accepted and encouraged. Nursing bras are now fun and fashionable. And luckily, as a working mom, breast pumps have changed thanks to Ameda (@myameda) and there isn’t the discomfort or large pumps you once carried with you.

I am truly blessed with the mother I have. She chose to breastfeed me and supports me in my decision to breastfeed my daughter. I hope Taylor feels the same love and support one day and is able to enjoy motherhood like the two generations before her. Cuddling while breastfeeding, going shopping, girl time, playing golf or simply enjoying one another’s company are loving moments to be treasured.