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Feeding on Demand

feeding on demandFeeding on Demand

Having a new baby is such a blessing but can also be a bit overwhelming. With a lack of experience, along with a lack of sleep, you sometimes wonder how you are going to get through the first few weeks. A new baby who demand feeds, may feed up to 12 times a day. First, always remember that the newborn period is such a short time. If your baby is nursing close to every 2 hours, there isn’t much time in between. You may want to consider a sling or front carrier to keep baby with you and give you flexibility to get things done between feeds. Once you get comfortable with a sling you can easily breastfeed on the go. Also remember when the baby is nursing it gives you a chance to rest, which is much needed in the early weeks after your baby is born.

Amy Berry
RN, Certified Lactation Consultant and, most importantly, Mother of 7 (all breastfed!)

Leap of Faith

Danah’s Leap of Faith

Coming home with a brand new baby from the hospital is daunting. You ask yourself, “Are they really letting me leave here as a responsible parent?” I feel like I’m still a kid myself. But I guess it’s time to take the leap of faith! There are no more nurses around the clock checking on you and no manuals. It’s just you, your husband, and the baby. There are so many “What ifs?!” that you could drive yourself crazy, but if you use common sense, take some deep breaths, and of course get as much sleep as possible, you’ll be just fine.

The most challenging aspect is around the clock breastfeeding (feeding on demand). Because my daughter Taylor was born at 5lbs, 8oz., she demands more frequent feedings. With every pound she gains, I’m getting more sleep because she’s sleeping longer. What a wonderful blessing a baby is!

LPGA Golf Pro Danah Bordner and daughter Taylor

LPGA Golf Pro Danah Bordner and daughter Taylor

Danah Bordner
New Mom, LPGA Professional Golfer and Loving Moments Spokesmom

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