100 Benefits of Breastfeeding Part 5

breastfeeding 3__1458691269_162.206.228.38Today is our last installment of our series on the 100 benefits of breastfeeding.  We’re thrilled to share the extraordinary powers that breastfeeding and breast milk can bring to babies, mothers, families and the world.  We hope this list has amazed and inspired you to breastfeed and advocate for breastfeeding.  Above all, we hope you see these numerous benefits of breastfeeding as the gift that keeps giving, and perhaps the most loving act a mother could ever do for her child.

81 – Breastfed babies tend to have a higher IQ and greater cognition in childhood and adulthood.  This goes for both intelligence level and academic achievement.

82 – Studies show social development is more advanced in babies who are breastfed for at least one year.

83 – Breastfeeding promotes oral motor development.  Babies who are exclusively bottle-fed may develop tongue thrust problems that can lead to improper mouth posture and strength. Breastfed babies statistically have better speech development.

84 – Breast milk can be used as a healing ointment for the entire family. It has powerful antimicrobial agents that are excellent for treating a variety of skin wounds including bites, stings, burns, rashes, cuts and infections.

85 – Breast milk can be used to improve your baby’s clogged tear ducts by simply rubbing it into the infected area.  It is also a great way to treat conjunctivitis (pinkeye) and can be used as a contact lens solution.

86 – For ear infections, drop breast milk into the ear canal to help relieve pain and encourage quicker healing.

87 – When your baby has a cold or congestion, gently squirt breast milk into his nose to clear nasal passages.

88 – Breast milk can help your baby if he has a sore throat.  It can even be gargled by other family members with sore throats to kill off bacteria that are causing symptoms.

89 – Breast milk is a superb anti-inflammatory, which can help clear up baby acne, alleviate eczema and keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth.  Many adults also use it as a facial cleanser or moisturizer to keep skin looking younger and more vibrant.

90 – Breastfeeding a first child often makes it easier to breastfeed subsequent children.  If your younger children are born prematurely or tend to get sick more often, being a veteran breasttfeeder will really come in handy.

91 – Breastfeeding is better for the environment because it requires no packaging, shipping or traveling to purchase supplies.

92 – Breastfeeding uses less water because none is required to make or clean bottles.

93 – Breastfeeding promotes optimal child spacing because ovulation is delayed and conception is less likely during this time.

94 – Breastfeeding is an opportunity to bond with other new mothers who are also nursing their babies.

95 – Your baby will know you better if you breastfeed because he will smell the unique scent of your milk.

96 – Breast milk can be frozen and stored for up to 5 months.  Even after you’ve stopped breastfeeding, your baby or toddler can enjoy the benefits of breast milk straight up, with cereal or as a nutritional boost in foods you cook or bake.

97 – You can help another baby by donating your unneeded breast milk.  This extreme act of altruism gives other babies the same great start to life you offered your own baby.

98 – Breastfeeding is a natural part of bearing children and becoming a mother.  You’re joining a club of mothers that have been breastfeeding for millions of years.

99 – Breastfeeding just feels good – for you and for your baby!

100 – Breastfeeding is a badge of honor you can wear knowing that you gave your baby the very best nutrition and nourishment from the beginning of your lifelong relationship of love.