100 Benefits of Breastfeeding Part 4

breastfeeding 4__1458691297_162.206.228.38We’re back with our series on 100 benefits of breastfeeding. Yesterday we focused on benefits for babies.  Today we’re looking at 20 ways that mothers benefit from breastfeeding.  From lowered risk of disease and better sleep, to faster recovery after childbirth and increased emotional stability, breastfeeding is great for moms too.  Find out how right now…

61 – Breastfeeding reduces postpartum depression in new moms.  It releases pleasure chemicals called endorphins that help mothers stay happy and positive throughout the challenges of parenting an infant.

62 – Mothers who breastfeed are less likely to get breast cancer later in life.  This may be due to the reduced estrogen levels from not having menstrual cycles during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

63 – Moms who nurse for a total of one to two years cumulatively also have 1/3 less likelihood of getting ovarian cancer.

64 – Breastfeeding helps prevent endometrial cancer and slows the progress of endometriosis.

65 – Women who do not breastfeed are four times more likely to get osteoporosis than those who do.

66 – After childbirth, breastfeeding promotes contractions in the uterus to encourage a faster release of the extra blood that was stored during pregnancy to support the baby.

67 – However, breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.  The hormone oxytocin released during breastfeeding closes off the blood vessels that once fed the baby.

68 – Due to uterine contractions and the healthy release of blood, a nursing mom’s uterus returns to its original size (or close to it) quicker.

69 – Because their babies are healthier, mothers who breastfeed tend to miss less days of work.

70 – Breastfed babies have to see the doctor less often, saving on healthcare costs and time and effort spent getting to doctors.

71 – Families of breastfed babies spend less money on feeding supplies and have more money to spend on other items that improve the development of their babies.

72 – Breastfeeding burns up to 600 calories a day and therefore helps moms return to their pre-baby weight faster.

73 – Breastfeeding creates beautiful curves that moms can be proud of.

74 – Nursing moms typically don’t get their menstrual cycles back for several months after childbirth.

75 – Although not entirely reliable, breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive.  However, since it is hard to detect when ovulation occurs (and it can happen even without having a period) it is not fail-proof.

76 – Having less periods reduces a mother’s risk of developing anemia.

77 – Mothers who breastfeed tend to get more sleep because they do not need to prepare bottles in the middle of the night.

78 – Nursing moms also get more sleep because their babies are less fussy due to gas from swallowing too much air from a bottle.

79 – Furthermore, breastfeeding takes a lot of energy and makes moms tired at night.  This helps moms get deeper more restorative sleep.

80 – Breastfeeding gives mothers a peaceful break to sit down to nourish and nurture their babies for awhile several times a day.