100 Benefits of Breastfeeding Part 2

breastfeeding 1__1458690990_162.206.228.38Today we’re bringing you the second part of our week-long series on the benefits of breastfeeding.  We are focusing on many of the wonderful ways breastfeeding and breast milk benefit newborns as they acclimate to sustaining themselves outside the womb, as well as the vast emotional benefits that breastfeeding offers mothers and babies.

21 – Breastfeeding promotes the bond between mother and child.  Holding your baby close and sharing this one-of-a-kind experience helps secure a lifelong relationship.

22 – Babies’ heart rates sync with their mothers during breastfeeding.  This can help steady the baby’s heart beat into a healthy rhythm.

23 – Babies’ temperature regulates during breastfeeding due to the proximity to mom and the fluctuating temperature of breast milk to meet the needs of your baby.

24 – Premature babies are more likely to survive when they are breastfed.

25 – Breastfeeding is emotionally satisfying to both mothers and babies.

26 – Breastfeeding gives babies ample skin-to-skin contact with mom, which is essential for their physical, mental and emotional development.

27 – Breastfeeding comforts babies and helps calm them during fussy times.

28 – Breastfeeding can help your baby recover from sickness faster.  Breast milk changes to meet the needs of your baby and can provide extra nutrients, antioxidants and antibodies during times of illness to boost your baby’s immune responses.

29 – Breastfeeding helps mothers get to know their babies better.  Spending quality time together allows moms to recognize different cries, learn their baby’s likes and dislikes and soak in the preciousness of their little baby.

30 – Breastfeeding is an ideal part of a healthy bedtime routine.

31 – Breast milk contains natural bio-chemicals and neurotransmitters that promote drowsiness and can encourage healthy sleep habits.

32 – Newborns’ vision is weak at birth but the distance between themselves and their mothers while breastfeeding is their optimal view.

33 – Babies get to know their mothers better because they can stare at them during feedings.  This connection is invaluable for an infant.

34 – Babies have an innate need to suck.  Breastfeeding allows babies to suck without swallowing extra air.

35 – Mothers and babies get to spend more time together when breastfeeding.

36 – Breast milk is odorless and helps your baby smell fresh.

37 – Breast milk soothes the digestive tract for less tummy aches, gas, constipation and diarrhea.

38 – Breastfed babies’ poop has less of a displeasing odor.

39 – Breast milk spit-up is relatively easy to clean and usually does not leave stains on your clothes or your baby’s clothes.

40 – Mothers who breastfeed have a unique sense of pride over their baby’s incredible growth and development based on the amazing nutrition they have offered through breastfeeding.