100 Benefits of Breastfeeding Part 1

breastfeeding 2__1458691025_162.206.228.38We often tout the incredible benefits of breastfeeding on our blog and on social media.  Individually they are certainly fantastic, but taking a look at all of the benefits of breastfeeding together makes you realize how undeniably, extraordinarily, miraculous breastfeeding and breast milk can be.  From the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits, to the preventative and economical benefits, babies, mothers, families and communities all reap the advantages of this amazing, natural act.

Saturday, April 9 marks the 100th day of 2016.  To celebrate 100 days of this glorious year, we’re sharing 100 benefits of breastfeeding throughout the week.  Each day we’ll have a new installment of the phenomenal benefits of breastfeeding.  We hope you enjoy this series.  Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

1 – Breast milk is the perfect nutrition for your baby. With hundreds of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, breast milk gives your baby the best start in life.

2 – Breast milk is a whole food and can completely sustain your baby’s nutritional needs in early infancy.

3 – Breast milk is easily digestible for your baby because it was made specifically for him.

4 – Breastfeeding is one of the most instinctual womanly acts on the planet.  It has been happening since the dawn of mammals.

5 – The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breastfeeding for at least the first six months of your baby’s life and continuing for one year or more even after introducing solids.

6 – Breastfeeding is the best way to build your baby’s immature immune system.  It contains a variety of supercharged antibodies to protect your baby from pathogens that may enter his system.

7 – The earliest type of breast milk known as colostrum is ideal for newborns because it is highly concentrated with fat, protein and calories required during the first few days of life.

8 – Colostrum also helps newborns pass meconium, which is the dark sticky poop that travels through a baby’s intestines.

9 – Breast milk changes to meet the specific nutritional needs of your baby as he grows and develops.

10 – Breast milk tastes great!

11 – The flavor of your breast milk changes based on your diet so your baby shouldn’t get bored with the same old meal day-in and day-out.

12 – Breastfeeding is an early phase of palate training because you can expose your baby to a variety of flavors in your diet through your breast milk.  This encourages a more diverse and healthy diet as your child ages.

13 – Breast milk is readily available when you are with your baby.

14 – Breastfeeding is convenient as you don’t have the hassle of preparing bottles or bringing extra supplies when you’re on-the-go.

15 – Breast milk is always the perfect temperature.  Picky babies won’t need it warmed and you never have to worry about overheating it.

16 – Breastfeeding is cheaper because it is free.  You’ll save lots of money by breastfeeding.

17 – Breastfeeding is better for the world economy because it doesn’t require subsidies and reduces the overall cost of healthcare due to less sickness from mothers and babies.

18 – Breastfeeding sustains life across the globe.  It is encouraged by the World Health Organization and UNICEF as the healthiest nutritional choice for babies.

19 – Fresh breast milk is extremely pure.  You don’t have to worry about bacteria or contamination.  In fact, breast milk is an antimicrobial agent in and of itself.

20 – Breastfeeding is a gift you can give your baby that will last a lifetime.